Faith Groups

The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life supports nine active faith groups on campus. If you would like to be on a faith group's email list to receive information about their upcoming events, submit an online Faith Group Contact Request Form.

Faith groups supported by the Office of Religious & Spiritual Life have a chaplain or religious advisor who regularly meets with that faith group. Each faith group has the freedom to plan its own services, events, retreats, and community service projects and to initiate special offerings for the College community as a whole.  Want to have a say, see the Chaplain or Advisor for information on joining your faith group board.

Eliot House is also a catalyst for considerable interfaith dialogue and programming. Believing that interfaith work enhances understanding of different faith groups and strengthens understanding of one's own beliefs, Eliot House offers a weekly Interfaith Lunch and a Spiritual Gathering of Welcome in the fall and supports an active Multifaith Council composed of three members of each faith group and anyone who would like to learn about different religions.