Frequently Asked Questions

What faith groups are active on campus, how do I make contact with them, and what specific activities does each offer?

Check our Faith Groups page for a list and description of groups that are active in Religious & Spiritual Life. To contact any of our faith groups, you can contact a Chaplain or Advisor directly or send a Contact Request Form. For information on other student faith groups see the online Directory of Student Organizations.

Can I participate with a faith group that is not my own faith tradition because I am curious to learn more about it?
There are many seekers among those who come to the Office of Religious & Spiritual Life. If you are curious about a faith tradition not your own, please come to our events.  All events sponsored by Religious & Spiritual Life  are open to the greater MHC community. In addition, we offer several Religious Literacy events each year for those who are curious about their faith or that of other traditions.

Can I be involved in the activities of the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life without having any religious affiliation?
You are warmly invited to participate in the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life activities with or without a religious affiliation. Atheists, Agnostics, Nones and anyone who is on a spiritual journey are welcome.  And you can call our Advisors at any time.

Are there any Interfaith activities or collaborations among religious communities that are offered by the Office of Religious & Spiritual Life?
There are many interfaith opportunities. These include activities designed by the Interfaith Council which meets weekly. We also offer an Interfaith Lunch every Wednesday with varied programs led by chaplains, religious advisors, students, and guest speakers. Interfaith Lunch includes a vegan soup, salad, bread, and for those needing more protein, cheese, peanut butter, jelly and crackers as well as the gourmet Mount Holyoke cookies from Blanchard. 

How do I contact an advisor or Chaplain?
Our Staff Page has contact information for all of our advisors and chaplains.  You do not need to have a particular faith, nor do you need to contact the advisor or chaplain of your own faith tradition.