Interfaith Opportunities

Interfaith Opportunities

Workbench Access: Religious and Spiritual Life

 Many opportunities for interfaith learning are available this week period, Oct. 30-Nov. 6

 Interfaith Awareness Week
Sponsored by Multifaith Council and the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life

October 30 to November 6, 2013

This week, attend three or more events in a faith community that’s different or new to you and win a $5 gift certificate to Rao’s. Experience worship, dialogue, or spiritual practice that will increase your spiritual and cultural awareness. Fill your interfaith awareness passport with stars! Check out activities on Facebook at Religious and Spiritual Life at Mount Holyoke College and on

Wednesday, October 30
Interfaith Lunch: Paying Attention to Interfaith Awareness.Play a religious literacy game of Jeopardy with Multifaith Council, Eliot House Lounge, 12pm

Mindfulness Meditation. Come learn about mindfulness meditation, a wonderful tool for stress reduction as well as a way to understand the mind. No religious experience necessary—you don’t have to be Buddhist to meditate. Abbey Interfaith Sanctuary, 4:30pm

Multifaith Council Dinner and Dialogue, a conversation that nourishes body, mind, and soul. South Rockies small dining room, 5:30pm

Celebrate Samhain: The Pagan new year is here!  Come and learn what Samhain is about and join us for a ritual to celebrate. Eliot House Lounge, 7-9pm

Thursday, October 31
Sisters of Hinduism Reaching Inward, Puja and dinner, join SHRI for prayer and a homemade dinner.  Eliot House Lounge, 5:30pm

Friday, November 1

Halal Lunch and Muslim Prayer, Eliot House Lounge, 12pm

Islamic Prayer: interactive workshop on how Muslims perform “Salat.” Eliot House Lounge, 1pm

Multifaith Study: Welcoming the Stranger. Explore spiritual texts that invite us to open our doors and hearts. Eliot House Lounge, 2pm

Bahá’í Study: Reflections on the Life of the Spirit. Dean’s Office, first floor, Eliot House, 3pm

Unitarian Universalist Gathering: Day of the Dead. Experience the turning of seasons and honor beloved ancestors. Abbey Interfaith Sanctuary, 4pm

Catholic Mass: All Saints Day. Abbey Chapel, 5pm

Kabbalat Shabbat. Wonder what it means to receive Shabbat? Join the Jewish community for dessert and conversation. Eliot House Lounge, 5:15pm

Sunday, November 3

Cathedral in the Night, community and a common meal in the radical tradition of Jesus: worship and justice, fellowship and food. 3:30 to 7pm, Northampton First Churches. Van to Northampton. RSVP to Leanne Finamore:

Catholic Social Teaching. conversation about hunger, human needs and social ethics. Eliot House Lounge, 4pm

Catholic Mass, Abbey Chapel, 6:30pm

Focus on Diversity. Join Multifaith Council and prospies for speed-faith conversations about faith and identity. Eliot House Lounge, 8-9:30pm

Zazen Meditation, led by Prof. Emeritus Tada Yamashita, Abbey Interfaith Sanctuary, 9pm

Monday, November 4

Taizé Evening Worship. A peaceful, contemplative worship, with chants and meditation. Abbey Interfaith Sanctuary, 7pm 

Tuesday, November 6

One Divine Presence, Many Paths: Readings and Prayers with the Bahá’í community.  Abbey Interfaith Sanctuary, 12pm

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

Wa-Shin-An is a traditional Japanese meditation garden and teahouse on the first floor of Eliot House, open Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 1 to 5pm for tours

All Week: Trick or Treat So Others Can Eat. Drop off donations of food or money for the local food pantry at Blanchard, Kendade, the Library and Health Center.

The following faculty members are inviting visitors to attend their courses during Interfaith Awareness Week:

Professor Crosthwaite
Seminar in American Religious History: The Shakers T/Th 11:30-12:45, Skinner 210
Religious Ethics T/Th 1:15-2:30, Skinner 210

Professor Grayson
 Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion M/W 1:15-2:30, Kendade 305
Spirituals and the Blues M 7-9:50, Kendade 305

Professor Mrozik
 Intro to Religion M/W 1:15-2:30, Skinner 216
Intro to Buddhism M/W 2:40-3:55, Skinner 216

Professor Penn
 Intro to the New Testament M/W
11-12:15, Shattuck 203
What Didn't Make it in the Bible M/W 2:40-3:55, Reese 324

If you have a disability and would like to attend this event, please contact Gaelin (Gayle) Higgins, 413-538-2054, or, one week in advance of the event to discuss your accommodation needs.

Interfaith Opportunities are events happening around Mount Holyoke either on campus or in the local area.  Some of these events will be sponsored by Mount Holyoke College or the MHC Religious and Spiritual Life Department.

As the MHC Religious and Spiritual Life Department strives to foster deep personal and collective spiritual practice that cultivates an inclusive community working towards spiritual depth, moral development and social justice, a strong exploration in the multifaith community and individual religious exploration is highly valued.

The various interfaith opportunities you find here are another way to explore community-based spiritual guidance, student leadership and spiritual and ethical growth.

Let us know!  After attending any events in the local area, not sponsored by MHC or the MHC Religious and Spiritual Life Department, feel free to drop by and let us know about the event!


Cathedral in the Night, Every Sunday evening, 5-6:30 p.m., First Churches- Downtown Northampton
Ministry of feeding the hungry, creating community, and fostering relationships between neighbors and God

Cathedral is an outdoor Christian community with ourtrach to the homeless in downtown Northampton.  They have a weekly worship service at 5 p.m. on Sunday evenings, followed by a free meal for all.  They foster an open and inclusive atmosphere committed to social justice, where all are welcome!
For General information: