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Amelia Ender is our Jewish Chaplain

I am the Jewish Chaplain at Mount Holyoke College. I welcome you to our lovely campus and to our vibrant Jewish community. The JSU (Jewish Student Union) coordinates Jewish life on campus and is equivalent to a Hillel. Additionally, we and the other consortium colleges are affiliated with the UMass Hillel. JSU is an active student group, both diverse and inclusive. Whatever your denomination or non-denomination, you will be warmly welcomed and included; we will do our best to help you find a place to express and share your spiritual, religious, cultural, and social interests. 

Our pluralistic community is rich and ever-changing, comprised of your ideas, interests, questions, traditions, skills and recipes!  Listening to your stories, your amazingly varied and unique backgrounds, we all grow and learn from each other.  All are welcome and valued.

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*If you have a disability and would like to attend any events at Eliot House Lounge, please contact Annie Clattenburg 413-538-2054 or in advance of the event to discuss your accommodation needs.

All Are Welcome to Join JSU As We Observe Passover!

The Eliot House kitchens and lounge are made Kosher for Passover according to Rabbinical Assembly guidelines; the Rabbinical Assembly is the governing body of Conservative rabbis, and provides guidelines for standards and practices of Conservative Jewish observance. (For an explanation of Conservative Judaism, or any other questions, please consult Amelia Ender, Jewish Chaplain.) All food prepared or consumed in Eliot House during the week of Passover must be in compliance with the guidelines. 

Passover begins on Friday, March 30th with the first Seder in the evening, and continues for eight days until the end of the day on Saturday, April 7th. 

Eliot House will host and provide two Passover Seders, as well as Kosher for Passover meals for the eight days of the holiday. Seders will take place at Eliot House on
Friday, March 30th at 6:30 pm - facilitated by Amelia Ender, and Saturday March 31st - student-led.

Lunches and dinners will generally follow the same schedule as the Dining Commons; we will update this information shortly with specific times. 

All are welcome to partake in any or all of the Seder and Passover meals. You need to let us know in advance so we can provide numbers to the caterer and kitchen manager. Please complete this form by 3/22. 

If you wish to come to Eliot House for any other meals during Passover, please sign up here

Amelia Ender, Jewish Chaplain, the JSU Board, and the staff of Eliot House are all working hard to provide a nourishing and welcoming environment for this important holiday! 

Questions? Contact Amelia Ender or Zohar Berman


Amelia Ender, Jewish Chaplain
Mount Holyoke College
50 College Street – Eliot House
South Hadley, MA 01075-1428