Kosher-Halal Kitchen and Lounge Reservation

 Please take into account that our office is closed from Friday at 4 pm until Monday at 9 am.

Reservations cannot be made during that time period.

We can only offer the use of the kitchens to those groups having at least two "Persons In Charge", or PIC trained students.  Training is offered in the beginning of the fall and spring semesters and must be renewed each fall.

Note: Submitting this form does NOT mean that you have secured a reservation.  You will receive notice as to whether or not your reservation can be made from Gaelin Higgins within three days, except during the weekend and holidays.  If this form is submitted in less than 60 hours from your proposed event, it is possible that it won't be able to be filled in time for your event. 

Food regulations

  • Food served in the Eliot House Lounge may not be made in a home kitchen. 
  • Food must be prepared in a licensed kitchen (Eliot House Kitchens, local food stores, bakery, licensed caterers or licensed restaurant). 


  • Ensure any leftover food is either refrigerated (to be saved), thrown away or properly re-packaged and stored. 
  • Remove any dirty cups, plates, etc. from the lounge.
  • Replace any soiled tablecloths.
  • Run the dishwasher as many times as it takes for all washable items to be cleaned.  You do not have to wait to empty the last load of dishes.  The expectation is that those who come next will empty it.
  • Ensure trash is taken down to the trash bin and that new trash bags are installed in the trashcans.  Take your garbage to the red garbage shed (on the first floor as you walk out toward Lower Lake).  After 6pm, use your OneCard to gain access back into Eliot House.
  • Ensure the "to-do" list is completed.
  • Close and lock the sliding door.
  • Turn out the lights in the kitchen.
  • Lock the kitchen doors.  If both doors have been opened, remember to lock the top of the door on the left-hand side.
  • Ensure that any lighted candles are extinguished.
  • If you are the last person to leave, please shut the lights off.

The above must be completed, along with all other responsibilities you have as a Person In Charge.

Note:  Submitting this form does NOT mean that you have secured a reservation.  You will receive confirmation from Gaelin Higgins within one week.

Faith Group

Choose one of the following faith groups that is financially supported by the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life

Please specify the name of the faith group AND the name of the Chaplain/Advisor who is sponsoring this group event if you chose "other" above.

Name of Faith group AND name of Chaplain/Advisor

Event Details

Needed if event is to be listed on the MHC calendar.
7am - 11pm only.
7am - 11pm only. Please allow enough time for cleanup.
7am - 11pm only.
7am - 11pm only. Please allow enough time for cleanup.

Contact Event Services if you would like this event listed in the 5 College Calendar.

Student Cooks

Please provide the following information for each student cook.

Food Being Served

If you are having food catered, please provide the name, address and phone number of the licensed caterer or restaurant providing the food.

Please list all of the food you will be serving at your event and whether each item is being made in Eliot House or by a caterer or restaurant.