Wilder Kosher/Halal Dining

Mount Holyoke College is pleased to be one of the first private college campuses in the nation to offer kosher/halal dining. The Wilder Kosher/Halal Dining Hall is open to every member of the campus community. The food is fresh and delicious, overseen by David Aminia. The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, and the dining hall filled with animated conversation. The subject of considerable national attention, with numerous stories in print, on radio, and on TV, the Wilder kosher/halal dining hall is serving as a model for other colleges and universities.

Wilder Kosher/Halal Dining Hall offers kosher meal service three meals a day, seven days a week. Wilder’s Menu incorporates a large cross-section of Middle Eastern and south Asian cultural dishes. Wilder is available to all students as a dining option either through their board plan or by paying the guest meal rate with cash, student charge, Dining Dollar$ or MHCXpress Account. Wilder’s menus include up to five (5) entrees each day plus all of the accompaniments.