The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth spread out for use in the Abbey Interfaith Sanctuary

We have a wonderful canvas labyrinth, pictured above, made by our own students.

What is a Labyrinth, you ask:

"The Labyrinth is a riddle
It is the cosmos and the world
The life of human kind, the womb of the earth
The journey, the way to the center
The way to ourselves"

--Ursa Krattiger Tinga

A labryinth is a path that leads you to wherever you let it take you. A place to meditate, a path to calmness, or to understanding yourself. It is a time to reenergize yourself in whatever way works for you. A time for yourself - and don't you deserve it?

I hope you'll take advantage of this wonderful offering to our community. To make arrangements to use the Labyrinth, please call the Eliot House Office, at 413-538-2054.