The Latke / Hamantashen Debate

Thursday February 21, 7 pm Cleveland L2

The Latke / Hamantashen Debate is a seriously hilarious and hilariously serious event that takes place annually between the Jewish holidays of Chanukah and Purim, wherein some of Mount Holyoke's most ersteemed faculty, staff and students, argue the merits of either the latke or the hamentashen.  These are two Jewish food groups, eaten respectively during Chanukah and Purim.  Latkes, or potato pancakes smothered in oil, commemorate the Chanukah miracle in which one day's worth of oil illuminated the temple for eight days.  Hamantashen are triangular patrise with assorted sweet fillings, and represent "Haman's ear," and are eaten, in large quantities, during the holiday of Purim.

Participants this year include: Jeff Knight (Biology), Amina Steinfels (Religion), Lenore Carlisle (Education), Jessica Salvatore (Psychology), Students from Intersections, Tanya Williams (Intergroup Dialogue) and Elaine Brigham (Intergroup Dialogue).

Examples of past presentations include: a biological perspective of the genetic make-up of the potato latke; an analysis of the hamantashen as a figure of political revolution; a feminist perspective on the shape of the latke as a more inclusive icon; an argument on the disturbed psychological development of the latke; a history of the discrimination against the prune (a traditional filling for the hamantashen), ... and anything else you can imagine.

Free hamantashen!!!