The Multifaith Council

The Multifaith Council is a collaboration of all of the Mount Holyoke Faith Groups.  Our Multifaith Chaplain, Leslie Fraser is the advisor.  Multifaith Council seeks to provide a venue for discussion across lines of faith and belief practices and fosters a greater appreciation of the many faith groups represented on Mount Holyoke's campus.  Multifaith Council represents students from all faith orientations.  Each faith community sends up to three official voting representatives to Multifaith Council, though there is no limit on how many members may participate from any faith or spiritual perspective. The group facilitates inter-faith dialogue and is a cornerstone to the welcoming community at Eliot House.

Students meet for a weekly dinner and dialogue, host conversations about sacred texts, explore religious literacy and multicultural understanding, and initiates interfaith action projects.  Multifaith Council participates in the Festival of Many Faiths in December, organizes Interfaith Awareness Week in the spring, and participates in Blessing and Sending of Seniors at the end of the academic year.  For more information, contact Leslie Fraser.