Non MHC Religious Advisors

Office of Religious and Spiritual Life Advisor Classifications


Mount Holyoke College values the individual religious beliefs and commitments of members of the campus community. The College has entrusted the chaplains and religious advisors with oversight of our religious and spiritual life on campus. Our commitment is to ensure that students have reasonable access to religious services and practices of their own choosing. We believe that religious and spiritual life involves respect for various beliefs and traditions as well as considerate interaction with and learning from one another.

Our Office of Religious and Spiritual Life includes the categories described below:

Staff: Chaplains and Religious Advisors

The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life staff is comprised of chaplains and religious advisors who are hired and paid by the College: the Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life; the Jewish, Multifaith, Muslim, and Roman Catholic Chaplains; and the Baha’i, Buddhist, Hindu, Protestant and Unitarian Universalist Religious Advisors. Each of these are entitled to full staff privileges at the College, office space at Eliot House, and a budget from the College for programming. Chaplains and religious advisors are expected to attend all scheduled meetings for religious life staff.

Adjunct Religious Advisors

The adjunct religious advisors are not paid by the College, but have a commitment to working with the chaplains and religious advisors to enhance the religious and spiritual life of the campus community.  Adjunct religious advisors meet one or more of three criteria: 1) they serve a particular population on the campus that is not fully served by the ORSL chaplains and religious advisors and for whom adequate services are not readily accessible in the surrounding community; 2) their primary ministry focus is the College; or 3) the institution they represent has a significant historical connection with the College.


All representatives of various religious groups must meet with the Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life to discuss and complete the Non-Employee Religious Leader Registration Form and the HR Non-Employee Form. A letter of endorsement from a national organization and a local/regional contact person is required at the initial application for adjunct religious advisor. The Dean of Religious and Spiritual Life approves all adjunct religious advisor and other appointments. Appointments are for one year and are renewable after an annual review with the Dean.

Any visitors to campus, whether for an on-going partnership or a one-time event, are welcome at the invitation of members of the Mount Holyoke Community.  All are expected to support our model of interfaith respect, engagement, and appreciation.  Any attempts to proselytize for a particular faith will be reason for an invitation to be rescinded.

Contact the Religious & Spiritual Life Office for forms and an appointment with the Dean of Religious & Spiritual Life by calling 413-538-2054.