Using the Religious and Spiritual Life Facilities

Abbey Memorial Chapel or Interfaith Sanctuary

Abbey Chapel's primary use is for the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life and the Music Department

Chapel reservations can be requested for organ practice sessions for organ students.  Chapel and Sanctuary reservations can be requested by college faculty, staff and students for college events. For information regarding weddings, outside organizations or private events, please see Conference and Event Services Note that all reservations must be made at least 3 days prior to your event so the office staff has sufficient time to reserve the space for you. No reservations will be accepted by any other means than the on-line forms listed below. The Office of Religious & Spiritual Life closes on Fridays during the academic year at 4 pm. Any reservation requests sent in on Friday after 3:15 will not be made until the following Monday morning.

Reservation forms

Abbey Memorial Chapel:

Eliot House

The Eliot House Lounge and the Eliot House Kitchen, Kosher Kitchen and Halal Kitchen may be reserved for events by Eliot House supported faith groups.  Non-Eliot House supported groups are required to get the approval of one of our Chaplains or Advisors prior to filling out the reservation form.

The Eliot House kitchens (Eliot House, Kosher or Halal kitchens) are considered by the Town of South Hadley as Commercially Licensed Kitchens and the Federal, State and local ServSafe Food Regulations must be followed.  Those using the kitchens must have "Person in Charge, (PIC)" training from our Kitchen Manager prior to using the kitchen.  The training is offered in the beginning of each semester and also right before Passover.  Each fall at the start of the new academic year, you need to repeat the training.   If interested in this training, email John Higgins to receive training dates as they occur.

The Eliot House lounge can also be used without access to any of the kitchens.  The only food items that can be served without the use of the kitchens are bottled drinks, store-bought cookies, chips, or whole fruit.  Other foods may be potentially hazardous foods which would require the use of the kitchen.

The Office of Religious and Spiritual closes during the academic year at 4 pm.  Any reservations submitted after 3:15 pm on Friday will not be made until at least the following Monday morning.

Kitchen Policy

Please read this before you make a reservation so that you are aware of everything you need to know before you plan your event.

ORSL Kitchen Use Policy

(Effective January 1, 2015)

We have tried to make this policy workable for all.

We cannot have the Kitchen Manager cleaning up after PICs – we don’t have the funding.

If you have any questions, please contact our Kitchen Manager at

Who Can Use the Kitchens

1. “Person in Charge” (PIC) trained members of faith groups and our trained staff. Each faith group needs at least 4 PICs.

2. 2 PICs are required to be in attendance for the entirety of each event.

3. PICs supervise those working in the kitchen, making sure they know and are following the So. Hadley regulations as well as those put in place by our kitchen manager.

PIC Training

1.   PIC training will be run between the 2nd and 3rd week of each semester.

2.   Additional PIC trainings can be offered based on the availability of the Kitchen Manager at an additional charge to the student organization.

3.   PIC training takes 2 hours.  You must be there for the entire class.

4.   PIC training must be renewed every Fall semester.

How to Reserve Space for an Event

  1. The event must be organized for the whole faith community.
  2. A Faith group board member who is a PIC needs to send a Reservation Form to the Senior Administrative Assistant.
  3. The names of 2 PICs with their MHC ID numbers must be provided on the reservation form.
  4. Reservation forms are available below.
  5. Reservation forms must be filled out and submitted online giving our office staff enough time to make the reservation or let you know that the location is already in use before the day of your event so you can make other arrangements. Auxiliary Services will not accept access requests to our kitchens within the last 24 hours before your event.
  6. Faith groups not sponsored by Religious & Spiritual Life can put in a reservation form for an event designed for their whole faith/cultural community after asking one of the EH Advisors to approve their event.  The reservation needs to be approved by a R&SL faith group Advisor, and can take place only after the confirmation from the Advisor reaches the Sr. Administrative Assistant.
  7. The kitchens and the lounge can be reserved no less than 4 hours after a significant cooking event (ex., Interfaith Lunches, Jumma Lunch, Community Shabbat, any Eliot House Staff sponsored dinners & BBQ's).
  8. If a faith group needs to cook while someone else is using one of the kitchens or while the lounge is still booked by the previous group, they may arrange to use another kitchen with the approval of the faith group Advisor who has the first reservation.

Ordering Food for the Event

It can often be convenient to have the kitchen manager purchase food for an event.  Since the kitchen manager does not go shopping daily, if you need to request our Kitchen Manager, to purchase food for your Eliot House event, please fill out the new form which is with all of the other forms below. Please be specific or you will get the kitchen manager’s choice.

Protocol for Using the Kitchens

1.  PICs take close-up photos of the condition of the kitchens before and after your event and send them to the Kitchen Manager:

a.  As you come into the kitchen to confirm the way you found the kitchen.

b. Use those pictures to compare how it should look when you start to clean up.

c. Take “after” photos as you are about to close up the kitchen to the Kitchen Manger to show him how  you left the kitchen and the lounge.

2.  It is your responsibility to not let anyone else into the kitchens, this means locking the doors and letting them enter using their own One Card.  We know this is not a comfortable conversation to have with other students, but it is the only way we can maintain the security and integrity of our kitchens.

3.  PICs wear aprons with a tag that says you are the PIC during the event.  

4.  PICs should know what to do if they are told of any food allergies.

5.  PICs will be in the kitchen at all times during the food preparation, food delivery, if catered, and through clean up.  PIC’s are responsible for making sure all electrical appliances used are (1) shut off and (2) unplugged, if appropriate.

6.  PICs must fulfill the “Responsibilities of the PICs” that are part of the ORSL Kitchen Policy.

7.  The Kitchen Manager will send a note to the PICs with any minor issues within 4 days after the event.

If the Kitchen Manager needs to clean the kitchen after an event, the faith group student organization will be charged $12 per hour for his work.  The PICs of the event and the faith group Advisor will receive a copy of the bill. It will state the amount of money to be transferred to the Eliot House salary line, and list the things needed to be cleaned, the amount of time it took to clean up and the total charge. The faith group Advisor will give the bill to the student org treasurer to be submitted to the Student Org. Bank for payment to Religious & Spiritual Life.

Responsibilities of PICs during the Event

1. PICs may not have responsibility for any other part of the event.  PIC’s are to be  responsible for the kitchens and the lounge for food prep, cooking, serving and cleanup throughout the event AND NOTHING ELSE!!!!  Both PIC’s must be present until all kitchen doors are locked at the conclusion of the event.

2. Sign in on the “Two “Person In Charge” form (located in a bin on the outside of the door to the Eliot House Kitchen, and to the right of the inside Kosher/Halal Door)

3. Take pictures (must be close up shots) of the counters, stove, sink area, inside and outside of the dishwasher, microwave (interior and exterior), refrigerator and freezer (interior and exterior) and the tables and couches in the lounge before and after the event, and send them to the Kitchen Manager, after you take them. Review the “before” pictures during cleanup.

4. Make sure everyone washes their hands before work and throughout the cooking process and when they start a new task.

 5. It is the PIC’s job to supervise those actually doing the cooking.  PICs should not be the ones doing the cooking.  This requires them to be IN the kitchen during food prep, cooking, and cleanup.

6. Make sure the dishwasher with any previously washed dishes from the group before is emptied and put away BEFORE the start of your group's food prep.

7. After the event make sure all your pots, pans, utensils and dishes are put in the dishwasher and the dishwasher is run. The last load of dishes may remain in the dishwasher for the next group.  DO NOT PILE DISHES ON TOP OF ONE ANOTHER. THE WATER COMES FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE MACHINE AND SHOOTS UPWARD AND NEEDS TO REACH THE INSIDE OR BOTTOM OF EVERYTHING. THERE NEEDS TO BE SPACE BETWEEN EVERYTHING IN THE MACHINE FOR IT TO WORK PROPERLY.  Insure that ALL tablecloths are replaced with clean ones.  Make sure that the dirty tablecloths are placed in the laundry bins.

8. Make sure the garbage cans are emptied and taken to the ground floor to the garbage bin in the Red Shed. (If it is after 5 pm, bring your OneCard with you to get back into the building.) Make sure new liners are placed in each trash can, the liners can be found in one of the small drawers in Eliot House labeled as such.

9. A PIC should fill out the “PIC Event Closing List”, and put it in the IN Box on the Main Office door.  These forms are located in the same bins as the Two Person In Charge Sign In Sheet. Close and lock the kitchen doors; make sure the lock on the top of the left door is in the locked position. (This way no one without a reservation can enter the kitchen after you.)

Failure to follow the above policy will result in the two PICs forfeiting their PIC role for the rest of that semester.  We reserve the right to deny permission to the Faith Group indefinitely if there are repeated failures by the PICs to follow this policy.

Thank you for your cooperation! Good luck with your events!

 Sincerely the Religious and Spiritual Life Staff

 Updated 7/14/2016

Reservation forms