Using Our Facilities

Using Abbey Memorial Chapel or Abbey Interfaith Sanctuary

 Abbey Chapel’s primary use is for the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life and the Music Department. The Abbey Memorial Chapel and Abbey Interfaith Sanctuary may also be reserved by college faculty, staff, and students for college events. Reservations should be made as early in the semester as possible.

Abbey Chapel is not available to outside organizations or private events during the academic year with the exception of college affiliated weddings. See Conferences and Event Service to arrange for a wedding.  During official college breaks and the summer months, the chapel may be available for use by external organizations on a fee for use basis. Rental charges and fees are based on the number of people and services provided. To reserve Abbey Chapel during the breaks and the summer months, please contact the Office of Conference and Event Services at 413-538-2153.

The Mount Holyoke community may reserve the Abbey Interfaith Sanctuary or the Abbey Memorial Chapel by using the appropriate reservation form.

Using the facilities at Eliot House

The Eliot House Lounge and the Eliot House Kitchen, Kosher Kitchen and Halal Kitchens may be reserved for events by the Eliot House supported faith groups as well as the campus community.

The Eliot House kitchens (Eliot House, Kosher or Halal kitchens) are considered by the Town of South Hadley as Commercially Licensed Kitchens and the Federal, State and local ServSafe Food Regulations must be followed. Those using the kitchens must have “Person In Charge, (PIC)” training from our Kitchen Manager prior to using the kitchen. This training is offered usually in the beginning of each semester and also right before Passover.

 Religious & Spiritual Life Faith Groups

If you are a member of one of the faith groups supported by the Office of Religious & Spiritual Life and would like to use the Eliot House Lounge and/or one of the three kitchens for your group, please stop by the main office Monday through Thursday 9am-3:30 pm, Fridays 12:30-3:30 pm to pick up a Reservation Form.  Also, please remember that you need to email Gaelin Higgins, for access into the kitchen during your event separately from the reservation form.  Only email access requests will be accepted.

Using Only the Eliot House Lounge

To use the Eliot House Lounge for a meeting without access to any kitchens, please fill out the Eliot House Lounge ONLY Reservation form. The only food that can be served without the use of the kitchens are bottled drinks, store-bought cookies, chips, or whole fruit, as other foods may be potentially hazardous foods which would require following the ServSafe Regulations for use of the kitchen. Please remove all food, utencils and garbage when your reservation is over.

MHC Community Use of the Eliot House Kitchens

The Eliot House lounge and kitchens' primary use is by the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life. These facilities may also be used by the campus community when available.

Since our kitchens are commercial kitchens licensed through the Town of South Hadley; Federal, State and local ServSafe Regulations must be followed.  You will also need to provide for at least two people to be trained as ServSafe "Person In Charge" (PIC) workers to work for you during food preparation, your event and clean up. Arrange for “PIC” training for your student “PICs” as soon as you start to plan an event. The number of "PICs" that you will need will depend on the size of the event and the number of items being served. Usually two will be enough, but this is up to the discretion of the Eliot House Kitchen Manager.  Please note that “PICs” are working and therefore cannot be participants in your event.  You are responsible for paying these students for their time.  We have a list of "PIC" Trained students whom you can contact regarding working for your event. 
You will also need to provide your own paper products, plates, cups, plastic eating utensils, napkins, etc. and must remove all food, paper products and garbage before you leave the kitchens.

If using a caterer or restaurant, please check with the food provider to make sure they are licensed through the Town of South Hadley. Two student "PIC" volunteers or workers are still required when you have your food catered.

To make a reservation for an event using any of the Eliot House kitchens, please fill out the MHC Community Use of Eliot House Kitchens form.