Alternative Housing

In addition to the traditional residential halls, there are two types of alternative housing: apartments in residence halls and apartments in houses on the edges of campus. Both styles of housing offer students an opportunity for greater independence and full cooking facilities. Students living in the apartments on the edges of campus will also have some options for meal plans. These apartments are chosen each year during the housing lottery process and it is typical that these spaces will be filled by current MHC students.

Students who are financial aid recipients should contact Student Financial Services directly regarding a potential reduction in aid if they are approved to live off campus, or live in one of the on campus apartments on the edge of campus (1 Faculty Lane, 17 Morgan Street, 3 Park Street, 57 College Street, 92 College Street, and 94 College Street) and chose to not have the full board plan.

Apartment Housing

The residence hall apartments are chosen by current Mount Holyoke students through the annual housing lottery process.  This is a separate process from the "application to live off campus." Please note that these apartments are subject to change. Students wishing to live in one of these spaces must fill the apartment completely as a group and must keep the apartment filled.  If one or more residents of the apartment leaves, it is the responsibility of the remaining apartment residents to find another person to move into the space.  Failure to do so could result in the remaining residents in the apartment being reassigned to other spaces on campus and the apartment offered to other students.  

Our non-residence hall apartments are only supplied with standard bedroom furniture (bed, dresser, desk, bookshelf, desk chair) that would be found in a traditional residence hall room.  Any other apartment or common room furniture is to be provided by the students who live there.  Occasionally students leave furniture behind from year to year and those items are not removed.  Non-residence hall apartments do not have in building laundry, internet or cable. Students may purchase internet/cable separate from the Office of Residential LIfe and have access to the laundry facilities, internet and cable service on campus. 

Off-Campus Living 

Due to the fact that Mount Holyoke is a residential college, only a small number of students are able to live off-campus each year. Typically, only current juniors and seniors students are approved to live off campus. Students myst apply for this housing option through the Office of Residential Life this process is separate from the non-residence hall apartments selection process. Students who are approved to live off campus though the Office of Residential Life are responsible for finding their own housing. 

Floor Plans

You may view floor plans for our residence halls and non-residence apartments with your mount holyoke username.