Residence Hall Apartments

In Residence Hall Apartments

  • 102 Abbey (2 students)
  • 102 Brigham (3 students)
  • 120 1837 (2 students)
  • 121 1837 (3 students)
  • 123 Ham (4 students)
  • 102 MacGregor (2 students)
  • 204 Mead (2 students)
  • 101 N. Rocky (3 students)
  • 101 S. Rocky (3 students)
  • 115 Torrey (3 students)
  • 100 Wilder (2 students)

Students choose to live in one of the residence hall apartments must purchase the full board plan. The same amenities, including telephone, cable television, and internet, as with traditional residential rooms are available for apartment residents.

Non Residence Hall Apartments

  • 17 Morgan Street
    • 1st Floor (3 students)
    • 2nd floor (3 students)
    • 3rd floor (3 students)
  • 3 Park Street
    • 1st Floor (4 students)
    • 2nd Floor (2 students)

Students who choose to live in one of these apartments have a choice of purchasing the full board plan, no board plan, or partial board plan (5 lunches a week). For students who do not chose the full plan and are financial aid recipients, there may be a reduction in aid.  Additionally, students living in these apartments will need to set up and pay for their own phone, cable, and internet.  The apartments in houses on the edges of campus also only provide standard bedroom furniture and students in those spaces must provide any additional furniture that is needed for common space.  If furniture is left behind by other students, it is left for the next occupants to use.