Break Housing

October Break, November Break, December Break and March Break

All residence halls remain open for the October, November (Thanksgiving) and March (Spring) break periods. Limited meals will be served and minimal levels of campus services are available. 

December break housing is only open for domestic and international students whose permanent home address is abroad and for students who have hardship getting or going home. There is a $380 fee to stay on campus during December 14–January 2 period. This is a flat fee and will be charged to those staying for any part or all of December Break. There is no fee for staying on campus during November Break in November and Spring Break in March.

Limited Campus Resources

Many offices on campus are closed or working with minimal staff over break periods. If you have an emergency, you should contact Public Safety & Services at (413) 538-2304 as they are open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

The Office of Residential Life will be closed during the following time periods: 

  • November Break: noon on Wednesday 24 until 9 am on Monday, November 29. 
  • December Break: from noon on December 23 until 9 am on Tuesday, December 28, as well as on December 31.

There is always a Professional Staff member on call in case of emergency. You can contact them through Public Safety & Service by requesting to speak with the Professional Staff on Call should you need their assistance.


The Dining Commons will be open at the following times:

November Break 

  • November 22: Last day of M&C's

  • November 23: Last day of Kendade Grab n Go

  • November 23 - November 24: 

    • Breakfast: 7:15 am–9 am

    • Lunch: 11:30 am–1:30 pm

    • Dinner: 5 pm–7 pm  

  • November 25:  

    • Breakfast: 7:15 am–9 am

    • Lunch: 11:30 am–1:30 pm

    • Dinner: Closed - Grab n go items during lunch will be available along with takeout

  • November 26–November 28: 

    • Breakfast: 7:15 am–9 am

    • Lunch: 11:30 am–1:30 pm

    • Dinner: 5 pm–7 pm  

Regular hours of operation resume November 29th.  

December Break 

  • December 6: Last day of Kendade Grab n Go

  • December 12: Last day of M&C's

  • December 14–December 24: 

    • Breakfast: Closed

    • Lunch: 11:30 am–1:30 pm 

    • Dinner: 5 pm–6:30 pm 

  • December  25: Closed

  • December 26–December 31

    • Breakfast: Closed

    • Lunch: 11:30 am–1:30 pm 

    • Dinner: 5 pm–6:30 pm 

  • January 1: Closed

  • January 2 - January 9: 

    • Breakfast: Closed

    • Lunch: 11:30 am–1:30 pm 

    • Dinner: 5 pm–6:30 pm

Please note: The Dining Commons will be closed on December 25 and January 1. Take out options will be available the day prior.

MHC dollars that came with your meal plan do not roll over from semester to semester. Please be sure to use them on laundry before you leave this semester.

Health Services

The Health Center will be closed starting Wednesday, November 24 at noon through Monday, November 29 at 8:30 am. 

There will be a clinician on call from Noon on Wednesday until 8 am on Monday. Students can call 413-538-2242 to speak with a clinician. Students can also use cab services to reach an Urgent Care center or the ER if needed. Contact Public Safety & Service 413-538-2304 for authorization.

Counseling Services

Counseling Services will be closed from noon, Wednesday, November 24 through Monday, November 29 at 8:30 am. The Counseling Service 24/7 Care and Support Line can be accessed at any time for urgent concerns and support by calling 413-538-2037 and following the prompts to be connected with a clinician. If you are experiencing a psychiatric emergency, call Public Safety and Service or go to the nearest emergency room (Holyoke Medical Center is closest to MHC). Additional information and resources can be found on the Counseling Service website.


November Break 

  • November 23: 8 am–5 pm
  • November 24: 8:30 am–noon 
  • November 25–November 27: Closed
  • November 28: 6 pm–2 am

Check out DVDs on Tuesday, November 23 and have them all weekend!

December Break 

  • December 13: close at 5 pm 
  • December 14-31: 
    • Monday - Friday 8:30 am–5 pm
    • Saturday - Sunday: Closed 
  • December 24-27: Closed


The CVS/BIG Y shuttle is first come/first serve. The shuttle will depart from the Blanchard Bus Stop at 4:30pm, 5:30pm, 6:30 pm to Big Y and 7:30 pm to CVS. 

We will also offer a special shuttle to Trans World Market and Trader Joe’s/Target in Hadley.  This shuttle will be first come/first serve. The shuttle will be departing Blanchard Bus Stop at 4:30 pm & 6:30 pm.  

Mail Services

The Mail & Copy Center will be closed the following days: 

  • November 25 
  • November 26 
  • December 24
  • December 27 
  • December 31
  • January 17

Sports & Recreation

Kendall Sports and Dance Complex

November Break

  • November 23: 6:30 am–8 pm; Open Swim 11 am–1 pm
  • November 24: 11 am–3 pm; No Open Swim
  • November 25- November 27: Closed
  • November 28: 2 pm-8 pm; No Open Swim

December Break

  • December 7–December 10: 7 am–8 pm; Open Swim 11 am-1 pm
  • December 11-December 12: 10 am–6 pm; No Open Swim
  • December  13-December 17: 7 am–6 pm; No Open Swim
  • December 18-December 19: Closed
  • December 20-December 22: 7 am–6: pm; No Open Swim
  • December  23: 7 am–2 pm; No Open Swim
  • December 24-January 2: Closed


Students will continue being tested, more information about testing will be provided later.


More information about events during the break will be emailed directly to registered students.  Events are only available to registered students.

Blanchard Hours

November Break 

  • November 23: Building closes at 10 pm
  • November 24: 8 am–5 pm     
  • November 25: Building Closed
  • November 26: 12 pm–5 pm
  • November 27: 12 pm–8 pm
  • November 28: 12 pm–8 pm

Regular hours resume on Monday, November 29 at 7:30 am

December Break 

  • December 14: building closes at 8 pm
  • December 15–December 17: 8 am–8 pm
  • December 18–December 19: Closed
  • December 20–December 23: 8 am–8 pm
  • December 24–December 27: Closed 
  • December 28–December 30): 8 am–8 pm
  • December 31–January 2: Closed 

Public Transportation

The PVTA Route 38 will not operate between November 24 and November 27. More information can be found on the PVTA website.

Intersession Housing

Intersession housing for the 2021–2022 academic year is the period between January 2, 2022 and January 22, 2022. All students who wish to return to campus for any portion of Intersession must register AND provide a valid reason for being here. You will note on the January Registration Form  on my.mtholyoke that there are several reasons established to be eligible to stay on campus.  Students in a prior SGA meeting on this topic developed the criteria.  You must select your reason and provide the necessary details on the registration form.   We will use the details provided to verify your need to stay.

Reasons students can stay on campus in January include:

  • Taking a course within the 5 Colleges
  • Independent/course study work with a faculty member (must list faculty name)
  • Off-campus employment
  • On-campus employment
  • Required athletic commitment
  • International Student
  • Hardship (could include hardships caused by travel, strained financial resources, personal emergencies, etc.)

Summer Housing

Information regarding Summer 2022 Housing will be available at a later date. A limited amount of summer housing is available for current students. If summer housing is limited, preference will be given to current students who are employed or doing research with a Mount Holyoke professor on campus for the summer months and international students. Students will be placed in double-occupancy rooms. Students who wish to secure summer housing at the College are required to apply with the Office of Residential Life in late March to April. Guests should be accommodated off campus. More information is available on the Summer Housing page.