Housing During Breaks

Thanksgiving & December Recess and Mid-semester Break

All residence halls remain open for the November and March break periods. Meals are not served and minimal levels of campus services are available. Creighton Hall is the one hall open for December break and is only open for domestic and international students whose permanent address is abroad.  Mexico and Canada are not considered abroad and students from those areas are not eligible to stay for December break.  Safford Hall will be used if overflow housing is needed over December break. Creighton Hall residents who do not meet the criteria to stay for the December break will be required to lend their rooms to students who must stay, Safford Hall residents might also required to lend their rooms if overflow housing is needed.  Please note that students going on leave or returning from leave are NOT eligible to stay on campus for any breaks before or after their leave.  For example, if you are studying abroad in the Fall semester (August-December), you are not eligible to return to campus for the December Break or Intersession/J-Term that follow your leave and must plan to return when the halls open prior to when the Spring semester starts in January.

January Term/Intersession Housing

Students who meet eligibility requirements to return to campus for any portion of Intersession must pre-register with The Office of Residential Life.  The Registration Form can be found on MyMountHolyoke, and the criteria for eligibility* are outlined on that form.  Please note that students who are going on leave for the spring semester or returning from a fall semester leave are not eligible for Intersession housing.
*Note: Registration for a Mount Holyoke Professional and Graduate Education (PAGE) class or 5-College credit class is, in most cases, one of the approved criteria for residing on campus during Intersession. For information on PAGE courses offered at MHC during this time, please visit the Mount Holyoke Professional and Graduate Education website.In service to those student residing on campus during Intersession, the Office of Student Programs coordinates a special Intersession program of activities, trips and local shuttles. See our Calendar of Events link for more information.

Summer Housing

A limited amount of summer housing is available for current students. If summer housing is limited, preference will be given to current students who are employed or doing research with an Mount Holyoke professor on campus for the summer months. Students may be placed in double-occupancy rooms.  Students who wish to secure summer housing at the College are required to apply with the Office of Residential Life in late April; details are posted in each residence hall. Guests should be accommodated off campus.  More information is available on the Summer Housing page.