Brigham Hall

Built in 1897, Brigham Hall - the first building to be completed after the Seminary fire - was named for Mary Brigham, a former Seminary teacher who was also a proponent of the cottage housing system and who raised $3,000 for the College toward the construction of cottages. Brigham was slated to become the President of the College in 1889, but was killed in a train accident shortly before she was to take office.  Brigham Hall was constructed with funds raised by the alumnae of New York and Brooklyn, and was the home of the College presidents from 1897 to 1909.

It is one of a trio of halls built in 1897 (Safford and Porter are the others). It houses 80 students in single, double and triple rooms on 4 floors and a basement. It faces the Gaylord Library opposite route 116. It is located next to Mary Lyon Hall and is close to academic buildings, Skinner green and the Community Center. Brighams floors 2, 3 and 4 are designated as quiet floors, which mean the residents there agree to a higher standard of quiet 24 hours a day.

Year Built 1897
Year Renovated N/A
# of Students 80
# of Floors 5
# of Singles 37
# of Doubles 17
# of Triples 2
# of Suites 0
# of Apts. 1
Basement Rooms Yes
# Sharing bathroom 19
Accessible No
Elevator No
Dumbwaiter Yes
Luncheon Center No
Kitchenette Each Floor
Full Kitchen No
Floor Lounges No
All Classes? Yes
Quiet Floor 2, 3, 4