Buckland Hall

Buckland Hall is the second of two residences on the south side of campus. Built in 1956, Buckland is known for its modern architectural design. It was designed by Douglas Orr, who also designed Abbey and Torrey (formerly Lakeside). Buckland was named for Buckland, Massachusetts, the hilltown birthplace of Mary Lyon, the founder of Mount Holyoke.

Buckland Hall houses 120 students in single, double, and triple rooms on four floors and a basement. Buckland has a large modern living room and spacious rooms. Buckland is located near Mary Woolley Hall and Chapin Auditorium (where many campus events are held), as well as Rooke Theater and Pratt Music Building. It is also near Gorse, the main student parking lot on campus.

Year Built 1956
Year Renovated N/A
# of Students 120
# of Floors 5
# of Singles 39
# of Doubles 39
# of Triples 1
# of Quads 0
# of Suites 0
# of Apts. 1
Basement Rooms Yes
# Sharing bathroom 24
Accessible Yes
Elevator Yes
Dumbwaiter No
Kitchenette 2,3,4
Full Kitchen No
Floor Lounges No
All Classes? Yes
Quiet Floor No