College FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

May I look at my room over the summer?
Because the residence halls are either being used for summer conferences or under renovations, we do not allow access to student rooms. Regrettably, we do not have detailed information such as window size, closet size, and open floor area for each residence hall room. See our online floor plans for a rough idea of your room dimensions. Students usually wait until opening day to purchase decorative items such as curtains, area rugs, etc. The opening day orientation schedule is designed to provide time for family shopping trips. There are several local discount retailers in the area. During the academic year, the College provides a weekly shuttle to area shopping centers.

Can I arrive early?
Unfortunately, the College is not prepared for students to arrive early. Residential rooms will not be ready prior to the start of the semester, unless a student is approved as an early arrival for athletics or a pre-Orientation program. Please be sure to review our opening and closing dates for arrival and departure dates.

What is a One Card?
The One Card is an all-access card to the campus: It serves as a residence hall key, your meal card, your MHCXpress Card, and your library card. Select local businesses also honor the MHCXpress Card. You will receive your One Card during the first few days of Orientation.

How should I ship my belongings?
Belongings should be shipped after August 15 for those students entering in the fall (after January 1 for spring admits). They should be addressed to your attention at your Blanchard Campus Center address. All boxes shipped will be stored by Auxiliary Services. Students may pick them up when they arrive on campus.

What will my mailing address be?
For students entering for the fall semester, you will receive your mailing address over the summer when you receive your housing assignment. Your housing assignment letter is sent to your MHC email account. For students who are spring admits, your mailing address is sent with your housing assignment in January to your MHC email account.

Where do I get my mail?
Students pick up mail at Blanchard Campus Center. Boxes and packages can be picked up at Auxiliary Services. There is no delivery to residence halls.

Do I have to leave my room during vacations?
All residence halls remain open for the November and March break periods. Meals are not served and minimal campus services are available. All residence halls close for December break. Creighton Hall is the only hall open for December break and is open only for international students whose permanent address is abroad.  Safford Hall will be used if overflow housing is needed over December break. Creighton Hall residents who do not meet the criteria to stay for December break will be required to lend their rooms to students who must stay.

Is housing available during the summer?
A limited amount of summer housing is available for current students. Rental fees are set every spring.  Single and double-occupancy rooms are used.  There is a mandatory meal plan and a minimal level of campus services are available.

Where can I bank?
Peoples Bank is located directly across from the College in the Village Commons. TD Bank and Bank of America are located down Route 116.

Can I bring my car?
First year students are allowed to bring their cars to campus. Students should contact the Parking Office at 413-538-2514.

What if my question is not answered in the FAQs?
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the Office of Residential Life at 413-538-2088 or send us an email.

Where is the Office of Residential Life?
The Office of Residential Life is located on the ground level of Safford Hall.