Spring 2021 Residence License Agreement

Your signature on the Spring 2021 Intention Form, completion of the electronic application, or your acceptance of an assigned space or a room key, signifies your agreement to and acceptance of all the following terms of this License.

I. License

This License is for use of an assigned space in a room/suite/apartment in any student housing owned and provided by Mount Holyoke College (“the College”). The College shall select and may change at any time, in its sole discretion, the space to which you will be assigned and or occupy as well as the furnishings, features and other occupants of the space.

II. Eligibility

You must remain a registered Mount Holyoke student in good academic and behavioral standing throughout the License Period or the College, in its sole discretion, may terminate this License.  

III. License Period

This License is for the spring 2021 semester unless this License is canceled or terminated as specified below. The License Period begins on the check in date set by the College, and ends no later than the check out date set by the College. You must vacate your room by noon on the check out date unless the Office of Residential Life gives you written approval to remain beyond that deadline. 

Check In Dates:  
Spring 2021
All Students: January 12, 14 or 16, 2021
Residential Student Staff: January 9, 2021
Check Out Dates:  
Spring 2021
May 12, 2021 at 12 pm

Early Arrival & Late Departure: No early arrivals or late departures are permitted without prior permission from the Office of Residential Life. Failure to comply with this may result in the assessment of charges and/or disciplinary consequences. Those approved may incur a $75 fee per day.

International students and any domestic students that have a hardship that will not allow them to go home are eligible for summer housing. Limited meals are served and a minimal level of campus services are available. There is an additional fee to stay on campus during summer housing (May 31, 2021 to August 21, 2021). More information about applying for summer housing and the associated fees will be made available to students in March. 

In the event of a fuel shortage or some other emergency not within the control of the College, the College reserves the right to temporarily close its residence halls and/or dining facility without making any adjustments in the charge. If such an emergency should arise, the College will assess the situation and work to honor its residential commitment for the duration of the academic year, unless the College needs to be closed and operate remotely based on the current pandemic situation.

IV. Conditions of Occupancy

A. Primary Residence

The space assigned to you by the College must be your primary place of residence. You cannot transfer or assign any rights under this License to any other person. No commercial business operation, solicitation, sales, marketing or advertising will be conducted out of the assigned space.

B. Liability

You are responsible for the loss, theft, or damage to College and personal property caused by you or your guests. The College assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to your personal property, including belongings stored in residence hall trunk rooms. Each student is encouraged to take appropriate steps to safeguard and insure their property. The College is responsible only for damages caused through the direct negligence of its agents or employees. 

C. Policies and Procedures

You agree to abide by all College policies and procedures pertaining to residence in College housing. These include, but are not limited to, those policies and procedures in the Student Handbook and the agreed upon community standards of the floor/hall & room/suite/apartment-mate agreement. 

Room Condition: You are responsible for keeping your assigned space clean and sanitary, free of garbage, rubbish and other filth. You are responsible for properly placing all garbage in containers provided by the College. Students who have their own bathroom are responsible for supplies and maintaining their own bathroom areas. Upon termination of this License, you must leave the assigned room, and its contents in as good an order and condition as they were upon commencement of your occupancy. You will be financially responsible for damages that occur in your assigned space. Such cost shall be established at the College's reasonable discretion. In the event the cause of any loss or damage to the residence hall, its common areas, furnishings or fixtures cannot be determined after reasonable investigation by the College, the cost of such loss or damage shall be prorated to each student assigned to the residence hall (or room, suite, where appropriate) regardless of whether such student was present in the residence hall at the time of such loss or damage.

Pets: You are not allowed to have any animals living or visiting in any of the College’s residences. Service animals, emotional support animals approved through AccessAbility Services and fish that can be safely and humanely contained in a tank/bowl of five gallons or less are permitted. A resident who would like to have an emotional support animal must be approved for this accommodation by AccessAbility Services before the animal comes onto campus.

Smoking Policy: All Mount Holyoke College residence halls are 100% smoke-free. Mount Holyoke is a smoke free campus and all smoking must take place off campus.

Fire Safety: Candles, oil lamps, incense, alcohol lamps, and open flame burners are prohibited. The policy also prohibits listed items for decorative purposes (i.e. unlit candles are not allowed.) Decoration must be flame-resistant. Please see the complete Fire Safety Policy. 

Guests: Any non-resident of a room or suite/apartment is considered to be a "guest". During the spring 2021 semester, no guests will be permitted in the residence halls.

Noise: You are expected to be courteous and respectful of one another regarding room noise and activity at all times. Established quiet hours are 10 pm–8 am Sunday night through Friday morning and 2 am-10 am Friday night through Sunday morning. Designated Quiet Floors will have quiet hours from 8 am-10 pm. Silent hours from 10 pm-8 am. Outside of quiet hours and courtesy hours, there are 24-hour quiet hours during the examination period, which begin at midnight of the first reading day.

Common Room: Common rooms are primarily used for organized social activity as such you and/or your guests may not sleep in the common rooms. For the spring 2021 semester, common rooms will have capacity limits and all physical distancing requirements must be adhered to and masks must be worn when in these spaces.

Published Policies and Procedures: The College reserves the right to adjust policies and procedures at any time. All students should read the online Student Handbook and the Policies and Procedures section on the Residential Life webpage.

If a student does not abide by the College’s policies and procedures, they will be held accountable by disciplinary action through the Office of Residential Life, the Honor Code Council, or the Office of the Dean of Students. Disciplinary action may include, but is not limited to, social probation, community service hours, loss of participation in the housing lottery, or loss of housing privileges

D. Adjustments to Room Assignments

The College reserves the right to relocate housing assignments as deemed necessary. This includes relocating you to another room/hall or assigning a new roommate to any open space. You may be assigned to rooms with single, double, triple or quadruple occupancy. By executing this contract, you are agreeing to communicate and live cooperatively with the roommate(s) occupying their assigned space, and to be respectful of their differences and respective living habits. Room changes will not be considered as an effective form of conflict resolution and you will be expected to go through mediation if/when conflicts arise. Room changes are not a matter of right and you will not be allowed to move from your assigned room without the permission of the Office of Residential Life.

Note: For the spring 2021 semester, students will not be assigned a roommate and no room changes will be permitted unless ther is a facilities and/or Title IX/Bias Response concern.

E. Trespassing on College Campus

The College, as the lawful owner of the buildings and premises of the Mount Holyoke College campus (“the Campus”), has the right and obligation to control or limit access to the Campus by any individual or group. If an individual or group has been excluded from any College building or facility or from the College premises by the College Administration or Department of Public Safety & Service , whether or not a formal trespass notice is served on an individual, no student may authorize or permit such an individual or group to enter upon or remain on College premises contrary to such instructions. A trespass notice or other order excluding an individual or group from a part or all of the Campus may be withdrawn or modified only by the authorized College Administration office from which it was issued.

F. Right of Entry

College staff (including but not limited to: Public Safety & Service , the Professional Staff on Call, Residential Life, Facilities Management, and LITS personnel) may enter your room to perform services and maintenance or respond to an emergency. Professional Residential Life Staff may enter your room in case of health or safety concerns. Please refer to the Student Handbook for the complete Entry Policy.

G. Departing Campus Before the End of the Semester

If you go on leave/withdraw at any point during the semester, you must vacate your housing assignment within three days and are responsible for removing all of your possessions from College housing. You must also return your keys before going on leave. The College reserves the right to reassign this space if your registration and or housing status has changed. Fees will be assessed for failure to turn in keys,  damage,  or custodial services needed to attend to rooms left in a substandard condition.

H. Property of Keys and One Cards

Keys and OneCards are the property of Mount Holyoke College and are on loan to you. Keys and OneCards are not to be duplicated, loaned, or transferred. Should keys be lost or stolen, contact the Office of Residential Life or Public Safety and Service  immediately. If your OneCard is lost or stolen, you should contact Enterprise Services or Public Safety and Service  immediately. Your failure to return your keys at the end of your semester/year in residence at the College or in the event you change rooms will result in a charge of at least $75.00.

I. Room Damage

Residential Life and Facilities Management assess the condition of each room at the beginning of the academic year.  This assessment indicates the physical state of the room and all of its contents at the time of your arrival in the fall. You will have a chance to review the room condition report.  Any missing furniture or change in the state of the room or its facilities beyond reasonable wear will be billed to you.  You will be charged for actual labor and replacement costs for major repair to a room.  A $150 cleaning fee is assessed if personal belongings or trash are left behind in the residence hall room when they vacate at the end of the year.  Any painting of rooms or College furnishings is prohibited.  There will be a minimum $400 fee for any painting in a room or on College furniture.

IV. Personal Safety/Safety of Others 

You are responsible for your personal safety. Failure to follow reasonable safety precautions may lead to an increased risk to your safety. You are expected to assist in keeping outer doors locked and to admit only those who have proper form of identification or their own personal guests. The outer doors of all residence halls will be locked at all times. You are also expected to keep their room doors locked at all times. The roofs, ledges, fire escapes or balconies accessible via only by windows should be used for emergencies only.

VI. Termination of License 

Your right to reside in College housing shall be forfeited upon failure to return at the beginning of any academic term or upon ceasing to be a registered student at the College in good standing. If the College is notified that illness or other extenuating circumstances will delay your return, exceptions may be made by the College on a case by case basis. 

The College reserves the right to terminate this License for breach by the student or for violation of the College’s policies and procedures, including but not limited to those in the online Student Handbook and Policies and Procedures section on the Residential Life webpage. If the License  is terminated, there will be no refund of room charges.

This License has been updated with the most current information that was available at the time. Given the changing nature of the current pandemic, it is possible that other policies and guidelines outlined in this document may need to be adjusted during the year. When feasible, changes will be announced prior to their effective dates, but the College assumes no responsibility for giving any particular notice of such change. Any new documents or policies outlined based on these needs will supersede any policies or procedures outlined in this residence license.