Creighton Hall

Built in 2008, Creighton Hall is the first newly built residence hall on campus in roughly 40 years. With lakeside views and suite style living, this residence hall offers a unique living experience for MHC students. Creighton Hall is considered two separate halls (North Creighton and South Creighton), although they form one large building. Each of the two halls share a common living room space, game room, computer lab, Golden Pear kitchen, and continental breakfast facilities. Residents of Creighton Hall are housed in doubles, singles, and suite style rooms. Suites have many different variations including double roomed suites and single roomed suites. All suites have a common space that is only accessible to the residents living in the suite.

  North Creighton South Creighton
Year Built 2008 2008
Year Renovated N/A N/A
# of Students 63 112
# of Floors 4 4
# of Singles 21 44
# of Doubles 13 14
# of Triples 0 0
# of Quads 0 0
# of Suites 4 11
# of Apts. 0 0
Basement Rooms No Yes
Accessible Yes Yes
Elevator Yes Yes (via North)
Dumbwaiter No No
Kitchenette 1 & 3 All Floors
Full Kitchen Yes Yes
Floor Lounges Yes Yes
All Classes? Yes Yes
Quiet Floor No No