Dining Options

For the 2020-2021 academic year M&C’s will not be served in the residence halls. Golden Pears will be available with additional health and safety policies in place which can be found on the policies page.

On Campus Dining

Please see Dining Services for detailed information about where meals are served, dining policies, and menu options. M&C's are served in the evening in most of the residence halls.

The Golden Pear Kitchens

The Golden Pear kitchens in 1837, Creighton, Dickinson, Mandelle, Mead, Porter, and Wilder Halls are a campus facility intended primarily for students to prepare special meals. It includes full kitchen facilities and utensils; and a dining room table that seats six to eight. Each community with a Golden Pear is responsible for generating expectations for their use and cleanliness.


Kitchenettes are found on most floors in the residence halls. The kitchenettes contain a sink, a microwave, and ironing boards. If you use the kitchenette, please be considerate of other students by keeping it clean.