Housing/Room Change Request

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The request form below must be submitted to the Office of Residential Life by June 1, 2012. Requests are considered in order of class year seniority and room choosing number. Housing Requests received after the deadline will be placed on a waiting list, and housing is not guaranteed. Wait listed decisions will be finalized in August after all other students, including new first years are housed. Room Change Request forms received after the deadline will be processed last. All notifications will be sent through your Mount Holyoke email with assignments or changes sent as they are completed. If you are submitting a housing request, please complete the roommate questionnaire after completing this form and email it directly to the Office of Residential Life.

  • If you are trying to switch rooms with someone else, please state that and identify the name and room number of the other person. EACH PERSON must fill out a separate form with the request. You cannot swap rooms with someone who is going on leave or withdrawing. You may only switch rooms with someone who has the same type of room ie: single for single.
  • If roommates are requesting a room change together but in a different location, both students must fill out a separate form. The requests will be processed on the lower (most desirable) of the two room choosing numbers.
  • If two or more people have a special request (i.e. I only want a single if my roommate gets one), the requests will be processed at the highest (least desirable) room choosing number.
  • List ALL spaces you are willing to move to, from first to last choices.
  • If you wish to move, even if none of your preferred spaces are available, state that clearly.
  • As part of the room change request process it is essential for you to inform your fall 2012 roommate (if applicable) that you are requesting a change for the 2012 fall semester. This allows your current roommate to also request a change.
  • If your room change is granted, you do not have the ability to deny the decision; your housing assignment will be automatically changed. Please be sure to explicitly state your intentions and choices on this form.