Frances Perkins Student Housing Process

Through consultation with the staff of the Frances Perkins Program and the Office of Residential Life, the following room choosing procedures have been established:

In an effort to insure that only students who intend to return to Mount Holyoke College for the fall semester are eligible to participate in the housing process, students must be cleared when they turn their form in. No student will be eligible for housing that has a hold by the College i.e. Financial Services, Health Services, or Residential Life. If you have any concerns regarding your status you should check your home page for any holds. All holds must be cleared by March 29, 2013 at noon or you will not be able to participate. Students who are not cleared to participate in lottery will be housed over the summer after they have completed all their obligations to the College and if space is available.

There will be spaces allocated to Frances Perkins students in the following locations:

  • Abbey (Quiet Floor)
  • Brigham
  • Buckland
  • N. Mandelle (Quiet Floor
  • Pearsons Annex
  • 57B College Street
  • 19 Woodbridge Street
  • 21 Woodbridge Street

* (Some spaces in Abbey, Brigham, Buckland, N. Mandelle and Pearsons Annex have been designated for newly admitted Frances Perkins students only.

Frances Perkins students will be housed in single rooms unless a Frances Perkins student has chosen to participate in the housing lottery process with traditional students. In such cases, the eligibility for a single will be based upon class standing. If you would like to participate in the regular housing lottery process with traditional students, please contact our Office by March 27, 2013.

Frances Perkins students currently housed in Abbey, Buckland, Brigham, N. Mandelle, Pearsons Annex, 57B College, 19 and 21 Woodbridge may retain their current room. Frances Perkins students are the only students eligible to retain their rooms from year to year in these buildings. Housing Preference Forms are due back to the Office of Residential Life by Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at 5:00 pm if you wish to retain your room.

Frances Perkins students who choose not to retain their room are encouraged to visit the Frances Perkins Office between March 28 and April 6 to review available rooms on campus. Students will then complete the Housing Preference section listing 3 choices. If two or more Frances Perkins students request the same room, the names will be placed in a box and the first name drawn will be assigned to the space in question. For those students choosing to not squat in their space, Housing Preference Forms are due to the Office of Residential Life by 5 pm on Monday, April 8.

Frances Perkins students who are in need of year round housing are encouraged to request to live in Pearsons Annex. Summer housing is available based on space availability. Frances Perkins students will be charged a summer rental fee. Singles are not guaranteed over the summer.

The apartments at 57B College, 19 and 21 Woodbridge are not available over the summer. Please note, students who are financial aid recipients should contact Financial Services directly regarding a potential reduction in aid if you choose the apartment and choose NOT to have the full board plan or choose the 5 lunch option.

Confirmation of your room assignment will be emailed to each Frances Perkins student no later than Wednesday, April 18.

Room changes will not be approved prior to the Room Change Request process administered by the Office of Residential Life. Forms will be available online at the Office of Residential Life website in late April.

Being a Day Student/Going on Leave/Withdrawing

If you decide to live off campus, go on leave, or withdraw after you have chosen a room, your space will be filled during the summer housing process and you will be charged a $200.00 Room Cancellation Fee.

Students who wish to change residential status from on campus to off campus must contact the Office of Residential Life. Arrangements must be made prior to March 27.

After you have reviewed the Housing Process, you may proceed to the FP Preference Form.