Frances Perkins Student Housing Process

The space designated exclusively for Frances Perkins Scholars is Dickinson Hall.  FP students who choose to live on campus must live in Dickinson.  All the rooms in Dickinson are single rooms.  Dickinson serves as the Frances Perkins program social space and "hub" for activities and events throughout the year.

Frances Perkins students may retain their current room in Dickinson from one year to the next. Frances Perkins students are the only students eligible to retain their rooms from year to year so it is assumed that most FP students will be taking advantage of this option.  Only FP students staying from one year to the next may retain their room; any student who goes on leave forfeits their ability to retain their room and will be assigned a new space for the semester in which they return.  You are only able to retain the room you are currently living in and will continue to live in during the following semester(s).

Frances Perkins students who choose not to retain their room should complete a Room Change Request form, which is available in MyMountHolyoke.  The Office of Residential Life will process these with other room changes in consultation with the Frances Perkins program coordinator. Room change decisions are based on class seniority and available spaces.<

All students must have all of their obligations to the College cleared in order to be housed or to retain their space. No student will be eligible for housing that has a hold by the College (i.e. Financial Services, Health Services, or Residential Life.) If you have any concerns regarding your status you should check Residence for any holds. All holds must be cleared by the deadline given each year or you will not be able to live in College housing.

Frances Perkins students are given the option of purchasing year round housing in Dickinson Hall. Students who opt to stay for the summer must apply for housing through the summer housing process and will be charged a summer rental fee.  Please note that students who are going on or returning from leave during the fall semester are not eligible for summer housing.  The only FP students eligible for summer housing are those who attend the spring semester prior and the fall semester after the summer sessions. Singles are not guaranteed over the summer although we do our best to always put FP students in singles if we are able.

Being a Day Student/Going on Leave/Withdrawing

Students who wish to change residential status from on-campus to off-campus must contact the Office of Residential Life. Arrangements must be made prior to March 31st for the following fall semester and by November 1st for the spring semester.