Guest Policy

Student rooms serve multiple purposes. The Office of Residential Life encourages roommates to discuss rest, academic, and social expectations within their room. As a residential college, rest and study have priority over entertainment. This is a priority occupants sharing a room must honor. This policy on guests applies to all residential students and is in effect for the entire year, including summer housing and January term but excluding December Break.  Students staying for December break are not allowed to have guests stay with them overnight for any reason.

Students are allowed to invite guests into the residence halls. We consider a guest of the campus to be anyone who is not an actively registered Mount Holyoke student. Guests in a residential context are any student who is not a resident of the hall or assigned occupant in the residence hall room.

Specific Guidelines of the Guest Policy:

  • Student Organizations hoping to have more than 15 guests on any given night must follow the HOSTING GUIDELINES.
  • Guests must abide by the regulations of the residence hall and the larger College community while they are on campus.
  • If the guest's conduct offends other residents, breaks policy, or the frequency of visits becomes problematic, the hosts will be asked to have the guest leave immediately.
  • Any guest without a host will be asked to leave immediately.
  • The host(s) is held responsible for the behavior of their guests.
  • The host(s) assumes full responsibility for informing their guests of the College policies, procedures, and community expectations.
  • In instances of inappropriate behavior, this policy will be applied to currently registered Mount Holyoke students.

Overnight Guests

Students are permitted to host guests for overnight stays. The Office of Residential Life asks roommates to discuss and come to agreement on overnight guests, including overnight visits of Mount Holyoke students. The overnight provision of the guest policy is intended for short term visits. Short term is typically a weekend. The overnight provision of the guest policy also applies to students living in apartments, singles, and suites as well as students living with roommates.

Below are the specific guidelines for overnight visits:

  • Overnight is considered any stay in the residence hall between the hours of 2:00 am to 8:00 am.
  • The actual permitted number of overnight days should be agreed upon by roommates. The maximum number of overnight days per semester is 16 per visitor.
  • No overnight guest can stay in residence longer than seven (7) consecutive days. Overnight guests are limited to one seven (7) consecutive day stay per semester.
  • Host and guests cannot sleep in residence hall common rooms, nor may any student remove common room furniture or cushions to accommodate a guest in their room.

Escort Policy

All guests will need to be escorted by their host, but not necessarily escorted while on the floor of their host. Guests must be escorted to other floors in the hall. In the case of co-ed bathrooms, a guest will need to request permission to enter. All guests need to be escorted throughout the hall during residence hall parties. Each residence hall will be charged with the responsibility to develop policy modifications for each residence hall floor or spontaneous events or special weekends  as members of the community deem appropriate. Policy modifications should be consistent with current community standards. Guests should not be let into the residence hall by anyone other than their student escort. Guests should let students know they have arrived by contacting them via the call boxes outside of each residence hall.