Housing Process

All housing processes consider the following guiding principles: communication, equity, class year and representation, and special needs. Incoming students are assigned roommates based on information they supply on the Roommate Matching Profile. Returning students participate in a housing lottery.

Students are assigned housing for the academic year. If a student would like to change rooms, there are two ways to do so: Room Swapping or Room Change Request. Again, our housing process is guided by the principle of communication. All students are asked to communicate with their roommate and attempt to reasonably resolve the conflict.

If for some reason these solutions are not possible or do not meet with the needs of the student, the student should first try to have their Resident Advisor or Residential Fellow help mediate. Usually these situations can be resolved by having a student staff member mediate a conversation between roommates. If this does not resolve the situation, the student should make an appointment with their Area Coordinator to talk about other options.