Insurance Coverage

The following information is provided to inform students about the insurance coverage that the College may purchase, and how the coverage may apply to students. The descriptions of coverage are not intended to, nor do they supplement, amend, or modify any insurance policy terms and conditions. The College reserves the right at all times to modify its insurance coverage, terms, conditions, and limits without notice to any person or entity, including students, faculty or staff. Students may wish to make adjustments in their own coverages if they feel that it would be appropriate to their interests.

If you need further assistance, you may contact the College Risk Manager. For more information on other student risk management issues, visit the Five College Risk Management Web Site.


The College does not have property insurance for student possessions, and it accepts no responsibility for any personal possessions or property of students. Any possessions in student rooms or left in storage areas are left at the owner's own risk. Students are responsible for insuring their own property against loss, and may be able to do so using parents' policies or by obtaining a tenant's policy through a local insurance agent. It is recommended that students keep their doors locked and not leave valuable items in storage areas.

Annually, the College sends a letter regarding Personal Property Insurance to all students with information on one source of insurance for your personal property.


The College is not liable for the actions of its students, nor is it possible for the College to obtain liability insurance on behalf of its students. Student athletes especially should be aware that if they are sued for injuries or damages caused to others in the course of an athletic event, Mount Holyoke's insurance does not provide coverage. The liability section of a parent's homeowner's policy or renter's policy may provide for the defense of the student and damages awarded, if any, in a suit alleging negligence. Students are responsible for avoiding intentional acts or negligent behavior that could harm others or give rise to adverse legal action. Although Mount Holyoke College will not provide liability protection, it may assist in obtaining a defense if it is not provided for by parental insurance coverage.

If a student is sued for an act or omission and believes they were acting in the capacity of an employee or agent of the College at the time of such act or omission, contact the Dean of Students immediately for instructions. See Five College Risk Management Volunteers/Directors/Officers Insurance for additional information.

The College will not provide any legal defense for any student accused or arrested for any criminal act, whether on or off campus, even if the student is on a field trip or other College function or program.

Personal Vehicles on Campus

The College does not assume any responsibility for any loss or damage to your personal vehicle while it is parked or driven on college property. This includes loss or damage caused by falling ice or snow (whether the danger is posted or not), falling trees, limbs or other wind-blown objects; malicious mischief, vandalism or theft; damage caused to your vehicle because you hit College property, including curbs, barriers, speed-bumps or other objects; damage caused by towing or booting an illegally parked vehicle; or damage caused by persons or vehicles unknown.

The College will be responsible for ‘at-fault’ accidents between its vehicles and personal vehicles. Should you be involved in an 'at-fault' accident, contact Public Safety and Service to fill-out an accident report. See Five College Risk Management Auto Accidents, Emergencies/Claims for additional information.