Keys and OneCards

Each student receives a key to their room when they move into a residence hall. Keys and OneCards are the property of Mount Holyoke College and are on loan to the student. Keys and OneCards are not to be duplicated, loaned or transferred.  For security reasons each student must keep their room and other doors locked at all times.

If a member of the College staff (Public Safety and Service, Facilities Management) finds a student room unlocked while attending to routine business the staff member will lock the student doors. In addition, each student must carry their keys with them and may not lend them to someone else. Keys must be returned to the Office of Residential Life when students vacate their rooms. There is a fee for failure to return keys.

Exterior Doors and the OneCard System

Exterior doors to residence halls are locked at all times and may be accessed through the OneCard system. If your OneCard is lost or stolen, please report it to Public Safety and Service and/or the Technology Help Desk immediately. Please visit the OneCard Services page for more information about OneCard. Students are not allowed to loan their OneCard to visitors or other students.

Lost Keys

If a student loses their key, they must report the loss to the Office of Residential Life, who will order a new key from Facilities Management. New keys may be picked up Monday–Friday between 9 am and 5 pm in the Division of Student Life Suite located at 205 Blanchard Campus Center. Students will be billed for the new key through their student bill. Students must show an identification card when picking up new keys.

Replacement Costs

  • Room key $25
  • Recore charge $75


See our Lockout Policies and Procedures.