Housing Lottery FAQ

I'm a junior, where are there junior singles?
Residential Life does not hold singles specifically for juniors. Juniors have a better chance of obtaining a single in buildings where there is a high number of singles (i.e.: Abbey,1837, Ham, the Mandelles, Propsect, and Torrey).

We have a junior hall choosing number of 23, what are our chances of getting onto the center of campus?
While 23 is a great number for hall choosing, it is difficult to assess your chances of obtaining a space on the center of campus due to the fact that some juniors may be in senior moving groups and this could change the junior quotas.

My friend is on leave, how do I proxy for them?
Your friend will need to designate you as a proxy through the web based lottery system. If you go to your lottery home page, it will list the names of the student (s) that you have been designated to proxy for. Please consider being a proxy carefully. You must be present at room choosing of your friend's hall in order to sign them into a room. This might be difficult if you are assigned to a different hall on campus and need to choose for yourself.

What happens if I'm not cleared by the designated time?
Students who are not cleared in time to participate in the housing lottery will be housed over the summer once they are cleared. The Office of Residential Life will contact these students, as they will need to submit a Housing Request form by June 1st in order to be placed in a residential space.

If my roommate for next year is not cleared, can I sign into a double and hold the space?
No, we do not hold spaces for students who are not eligible to participate in the housing lottery. Any student who signs into a double alone on the night of room choosing will get a roommate that night.

What class year status is our group if there is 1 senior and 2 juniors?
This is a junior group. Seniors need to be mindful that singles are not guaranteed and moving with a group of mostly underclass students lessens your chances for a single and choice of residence hall.

How can I get a room with a bathroom?
At room choosing, students sign directly into the rooms with bathrooms. All rooms with bathrooms will be shown on the floor plans. Please refer to the Residential Life website for floor plans ahead of time.

How do quotas work?
In order to have a fair representation of all four classes in every residence hall, Residential Life sets class year quotas for every building. Quotas are based on size of the classes and building. Once a quota has been met for a class, no further students from that class may sign into the building. The Office of Residential Life will set the quota by looking at the projected number of students per class and the types of rooms in the buildings.