Mead Hall

Mead Hall was built in 1901, and named for Elizabeth Mead, president of the College from 1890-1900. Elizabeth Mead was responsible for major changes in the curriculum and structure that allowed Mount Holyoke to become one of the leading women's colleges in the United States. Brigham, Safford, Porter, the original Rockefeller building, Blanchard, and Pearsons were all built while Elizabeth Mead was President. 

Renovated in the summer of 2006, Mead Hall houses 144 students in double, single, and triple rooms on four floors and a basement. Mead also features a suite room with three individual single rooms with a shared bathroom area. Mead is known for its attractive living spaces, including an updated TV/Game room, student kitchen, and dining cove. Rooms vary in size from smaller to spacious. Mead is located along Skinner Green in the center of campus. It is near the Community Center and Pratt Music Building.


Year Built 1901
Year Renovated 2006
# of Students 144
# of Floors 5
# of Singles 33
# of Doubles 44
# of Triples 6
# of Suites 1
# of Apts. 1
Basement Rooms Yes
# Sharing bathroom 26
Accessible Yes
Elevator Yes
Dumbwaiter No
Kitchenette 2,3,4
Full Kitchen Yes
Floor Lounges No
All Classes? Yes
Quiet Floor No