New Community Advisor (CA) Application - 2016-2017

Below please find the job description for CA.  Please note that the job description is currently up for review and may be changed.

Job Description
The Community Advisors (CAs) are student staff who serve as peer advisors to members of their floor.  They serve as part of a team of CA's and an SCA that are there to serve as a support system to the floor and residence hall community.  Each CA is responsible for the welfare of the floor and developing the floor into a welcoming, inclusive and friendly community by getting to know the residents of the floor as well as encouraging them to get to know each other. CAs are trained as a peer advisor in community development, conflict management and resolution, programming, policy enforcement, various health-related issues, and interpersonal skills. Along with these skills, CAs are knowledgeable about campus resources and will make referrals as necessary.  Most importantly, the CA is available to each member of the floor for peer support. CAs are selected for their desire to work with other students and create a positive living experience for others.

Hours and Compensation
Flexible hours with a $2,100 stipend for the academic year.

Important Dates and Deadlines
Applications due: Tuesday, February 2nd at 12 noon.
First round group Interview:  Saturday, February 6th
Second round Individual Interviews will happen in February
The Office of Residential Life will contact applicants about scheduling interviews.

Students must be here for the full 2016-2017 academic year.
Students considering going on leave in the fall 2016, spring 2017 semester, or graduating in December 2016 should not apply.

Hired students are expected to return to campus early for training and stay late for closing.

Your MHC ID can be found on your OneCard and starts with a leading 5 and it has 9 digits. It is NOT the CID on your OneCard; it is NOT your SSN; and it is NOT your Access Number.
The group interview will last approximately three hours. Your time preference is not guaranteed. You will receive a confirmation email noting the time you've been assigned. If you are unable to be at the Saturday interview due to an academic or college commitment you may participate in the makeup session on Wednesday, February 10th at 6:30pm. To elect for this option you must email with your rationale.
Please provide the name and email of someone who can serve as a professional reference. For example a Mount Holyoke College faculty or staff member, a previous or current employer, etc. Should NOT be a relative or an MHC student.
Your answer should be brief, not to exceed 750 characters.
Your answer should be brief, not to exceed 750 characters.