Rockefeller Hall

This is a photograph of the Rockefeller residence hall, where two of the three new living-learning communities are housed

Built in 1924, Rockefeller Hall (North and South, also known as the Rockies) are considered separate halls, although they form one large Tudor-style building.  North and South Rockefeller are smaller halls of 93 and 89 students respectively, and have spacious living rooms, sitting rooms, and sun porches. Residents of the Rockies are housed in single, double, and triple rooms on four floors and a basement. The two halls are adjacent to Skinner Hall, Mary E. Woolley Hall, which houses Chapin Auditorium and the New York Room as well as several administrative offices. Poetry readings, lectures, and receptions often occur in the New York Room, while many entertainment events are offered in Chapin Auditorium.

  North Rocky South Rocky
Year Built 1924 1924
Year Renovated N/A N/A
# of Students 93 89
# of Floors 5 5
# of Singles 36 38
# of Doubles 15 12
# of Triples 8 8
# of Suites 0 0
# of Apts. 1 1
Basement Rooms Yes Yes
# Sharing Bathroom 25 25
Accessible No No
Elevator Yes Yes (via North)
Dumbwaiter No No
Kitchenette 2,3,4 2,3,4
Full Kitchen No No
Floor Lounges No No
All Classes? Yes Yes
Quiet Floor No No