Room FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get a single?
Unfortunately, the College does not have singles available for first- and second-year students. As a new student, you should anticipate living in a double or triple  room configuration.

Will I have a roommate?
All new students, sophomores, and some juniors are paired with a roommate(s). These matches are based on living preferences you provided us on the Housing Assignment Form. Contact information for your roommate(s) is provided in your housing assignment email. We encourage roommates to touch base before arrival to get to know each other and coordinate large items such as refrigerators, televisions and decorations. This is also a great opportunity to talk about living preferences such as bunking the beds, intended class schedule or majors, and living patterns. The Office of Residential Life provides a roommate starter kit to aid in the discussion.

When will I find out about my room assignment?
Housing assignments for all new fall semester incoming students will be emailed to your Mount Holyoke email account in early August. For all spring admitted students, housing assignments will be emailed during January.

How are rooms and roommates assigned?
Students are housed using the preferences provided on the Housing Assignment Form. This is a manual process in which the staff reviews the information on the form to make roommate matches. Students are matched as closely as we can in the areas room environment, study habits, cleanliness, noise, and guests.

In many cases, it’s not possible to make an identical match in all areas. In these instances, we prioritize compatibility with rest/room environment over study habits and social life. We strongly recommend honesty when completing these forms. The Office of Residential Life does not factor in personal values or demographic information such as race, religion, sexual orientation, etc. when making housing assignments.

All first year students are randomly assigned to a building and are not able to request a specific building for placement.

What should I do if I am not happy with my housing assignment?
There is no space for change after the housing assignments are processed. The residence halls are usually at capacity until the middle of the semester. We encourage all students to engage in conversation and compromise as they adjust to their new roommate and living situation. Should a living situation become extremely difficult, residents should speak with their floor Community Advisor to discuss mediation strategies. Students should contact their building Area Coordinator if the matter is not appropriate for a peer mediator. All residents have the opportunity to complete a room change for the next semester. These assignment changes are completed in between semesters through the room change request process.

What does my room come with?
Each student is provided a desk, desk chair, dresser, bookcase, standard twin bed, and a mirror. The College requires all room furniture to remain in the student room. Please plan accordingly when purchasing larger items to personalize your space. Student rooms also come with a closet and/or wardrobe. There are several spaces in which students are asked to share closets.

Will I have my own closet or wardrobe?

The number of closets in a room does not dictate the occupancy size of the room.  Some rooms have large walk-in closets for each student while others have closets that students are expected to share.  Additional wardrobes have been added to any rooms where they will fit as needed, but you might have to negotiate sharing a closet with a roommate or roommates, so please prepare for this possibility and talk to them about shared space.

What size is my bed?
All beds are standard twin. Mount Holyoke College does not provide extra long beds.

What should I do if my overhead light is out or a piece of furniture is broken in my room?
The Office of Facilities Management works to preserve the campus facilities while creating and sustaining an environment that will support the best and brightest students. You should complete a service request form whenever you have a maintenance issue in your room or residence hall. Service requests can be completed online using the MAXIMO work order system. In an emergency, contact Facilities Management by calling 413-538-2012 during normal business hours. Contact the Campus Police by call 413-538-2304 for after hour, weekend, and holiday emergences. Service requests usually take 48 to 72 hours to complete.

Are there curtains in my room?
Students must supply their own curtains and curtain rods with the exception of those students living in MacGregor and Ham Halls. Clutch shades are provided in all halls. Regrettably, we do not have detailed information such as window size for each residence hall room. Many students will wait until their arrival to purchase decorative items. There are several local discount retailers in the area. During the academic year, the College provides a weekly shuttle to area shopping centers.

Is my room carpeted?
Residence hall rooms have either hardwood floors or linoleum. If students wish to have a carpet in their room they must bring one with them. Regrettably, we do not have detailed information such as open floor area for each residence hall room. See our online floor plans for a rough idea of your room dimensions

What should I bring?
Mount Holyoke encourages all students to make themselves at home. Students should feel free to personalize their space. We do have a suggested list of essential items students should bring to campus. Please refer to our packing list of room essentials and our fire safety policies on fire hazards to avoid bringing to campus.

What is not allowed in my room?
Because of fire laws, students may not have electric blankets, air conditioners, space heaters, candles, lofts, or incense to name a few. Please refer to the packing/shopping list for a list of prohibited items.

Is there storage on campus?
The College provides storage for the academic year only. These storage spaces are our trunk rooms in the residence hall basements. The trunk rooms are designed to provide storage for those extras in one’s room that make it too close for comfort. Trunk room space is available to all current Mount Holyoke residential students. Trunk room space is a community resource and available on a first come, first move basis. Access to the trunk room can be arranged through your Senior Community Advisor.  There is no summer storage at Mount Holyoke. The College works with several local storage companies to provide accessible and affordable options for our students.

We encourage students to seek off-campus options, as our storage facilities are not secured or climate controlled. The College does not have property insurance for student possessions. The College accepts no responsibility for anything stored in the basements, and things may be inadvertently removed and discarded, misplaced, stolen, or subject to other accidental damage or loss.

Can I get cable in my room?
Every residence hall room has a cable television outlet. Students can apply for service through the MHC Auxiliary Services at 413-538-3111.

Is there Internet access in my room?
All residence hall rooms have Internet access. Students should contact the Mount Holyoke College Help Desk at 413-538-2600 for specific details.

How do I find out my phone number?
If you would like dialtone in your room, you will need to apply for phone service at Auxiliary Services once you are on campus. A telephone number will be assigned to you at that time.  You will need to provide us with the residence hall, room and jack number that you are requesting to activate.

Can I have a pet?
For the health and safety of all residents, we only allow fish that can be safely and humanely contained in a tank/bowl of five gallons or less in the residence hall. Any other pets are strictly prohibited.  The only exceptions to this are service animals and assistance animals that are registered through the AccessAbility Services office.