Residential Life Staff

Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Residential Life

Rachel Alldis

The Director of Residential Life oversees all aspects of residential life on campus, including training and supervision of Residential Life staff, housing assignments, hall programming, and long-range planning. The Director also coordinates work with Housekeeping, Facilities Management, Campus Police, Dining Services, academic deans, and faculty and works closely with the Dean of Students office. In addition, the Director works with violations of the honor code and college policy.

Associate Director

Melanie Ebig Lawson

Melanie (she/her/hers) joined the Mount Holyoke community in August of 2011.  Prior to her arrival, Melanie worked for Residential Life departments at the University of Connecticut, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Eastern Michigan University.  She earned both a Bachelor's degree in Women’s Studies and a Master's degree in Counseling/College Student Personnel from Eastern Michigan University.  Melanie’s professional interests include technology and social media, women's education, feminism, body image and the geek subculture.  Melanie is a Midwestern expat who wandered into New England and decided to stay, but is very proud of her Midwestern roots.  In her free time, Melanie is a devoted crafter who knits, crochets, paints and sews and is a self-professed geek that loves playing video and board games, watching Doctor Who and gardening.

The Associate Director assists the Director with the overall operation of the Residential Life office. In addition, the Associate Director manages the first-year assignment process, room change requests, general room changes, off-campus housing, and the annual housing lottery. Projects such as residence hall fire safety and other collaborations with Facilities Management, along with the oversight of all student and professional staff selection and training, assessment of programs, website and social media maintenance and marketing for the office are coordinated by the Associate Director.

Area Coordinators

Jenna Caputo, Nashalie Vazquez

The Area Coordinators (ACs) are professional, full-time, live-in staff. These staff members are responsible for overseeing six to seven residence halls and advising and supervising the hall student staff members who work in their respective halls. The ACs promote and create educational and social programs for residence halls in several areas, such as diversity and inclusion, health and wellness, and living and learning. They adjudicate violations of campus policy and participate in the Dean On-Call rotation. Please refer to the In Hall Staff ;listing to identify the halls each Area Coordinator supervises.

Jenna Caputo, North Campus - Biography to come.

Nashalie Vazquez, South Campus - Biography to come.

TBA, Campus Green - Biography to come.

Administrative Assistant

Teresa Picard

The Administrative Assistant manages the Residential Life Office operations, provides customer students and support to student and professional staff, coordinates keys and housing logistics, works with the director on budget management, and assists with the coordination of housing lottery.

Senior Community Advisor

The Senior Community Advisors (SCAs) are student staff members who serve as mentors, role models, and community builders in the residence halls.  SCAs are typically in their junior or senior year, have previously served as a Community Advisor, and have the community of the entire residence hall as their focus.  As members of the Residential Life staff, SCAs serve on department or campus committees, coordinate hall meetings, advise and mentor Community Advisors, and assist in the initiating of programs and activities in the residence hall.  SCAs work closely with the Community Advisors to address hall and individual student concerns such as roommate conflicts, personal crisis or academic issues.  Each SCA has participated in significant training each year, and can provide resource and referral information to all students in the hall.

Community Advisor

The Community Advisors (CAs) are student staff who serve as peer mentors and coaches to the community living on their floor. There are three to nine CAs in each residence hall, generally one per floor.   CAs partner with the residents of each floor to develop a sense of community responsibility for the general welfare of the floor and developing the floor into a welcoming, inclusive and friendly community .  CAs get to know the residents of the floor and work to help them get to know each other.  CAs are typically sophomores and juniors, and are trained as a peer mentors in community development, conflict management and resolution, programming, academic support, health-related issues, and interpersonal skills. Along with these skills, CAs are knowledgeable about campus and resources and can provide resource and referral information. Most importantly, the CA is available to each member of the floor for peer support.  CAs are selected for their desire to work with other students and create a positive living experience for others.

Office Assistants

Office Assistants (OAs) are student employees who work in the main Residential Life office during business hours to offer administrative support.  Their primary job responsibilities are greeting and directing students and other people who come to the office, answering the phone, providing information as needed, filing, informal research and other administrative tasks.