Student Organization Hosting Policy

For the 2020-2021 academic year common spaces in residence halls cannot be reserved.

This policy is for student organization projects hosting more than 15 guests on any given night.

Occasionally, a registered student organization on campus will want to host a conference, performance or event that includes inviting similar organizations from other campuses to the Mount Holyoke Campus. If the event will require an overnight stay and the organization would like to offer housing guests with current organization members, the following policy must be followed. This applies to student organization-sponsored projects, performances or conferences that offer hosting of 15 or more guests on any given night.

For the residential/overnight component of a Student Organization program, the Office of Residential Life has a duty to maintain the guest policies for the campus and to ensure that Student Organizations are not abusing this policy through inappropriate practices. These factors necessarily must be considered in the planning phase of proposed events.

  1. Any organization must make an appointment to meet with the Director or Associate Director for approval. This meeting must take place during the semester prior to the event.  (i.e. Meet in the spring of this year for an event next fall.)
  2. An event is limited to a maximum of 100 overnight guests.  This number might be smaller depending on the Student Organization’s ability to comply with the formula for determining how many guests are allowed (see 5 for details on this formula).  Under no circumstances will this number exceed 100 people.  Guests falling under this policy may not stay more than 2 nights on campus.
  3. Student Organizations sponsoring conferences, performances or other events may NOT solicit hosts from the general student body to accommodate overnight guests for the event. Only pre-enrolled, active members of the sponsoring organization may host such guests and must do so within the established parameters of the MHC Guest Policy. Member solicitation to host must be free of coercion and provide members clear communications on opting out of hosting. Members who choose to host are obligated to gain permission from their roommate prior to agreeing to host. Pre-enrolled membership in an organization is demonstrated by the record of individuals having signed on to a Student Organizations Anti-Hazing form, as required by Massachusetts state law.
  4. A host (an active organization member) may only house one delegate/guest and will need to sign a host agreement form before the event takes place.  Under no circumstances will a MHC student guest be allowed to host more than 1 guest for the event, regardless of whether they believe their room has the space to do so.
  5. The representatives responsible for the housing and registration portions of your event will need to provide a full list of hosts and assigned guests to the Office of Residential Life a minimum of 1 week prior to the event.
  6. If the event has more overnight needs than can be accommodated on campus in compliance with campus guidelines and state laws, your advertising and registration details must be designed and written to encourage delegates or guests to pursue off-campus housing options at area hotels. 
  7. The option for on-campus hosting of guests must be advertised as limited. We recommend stating that it is available with priority given to those guests who have financial or travel hardships.
  8. Before your registration materials are made public (on your website, printed materials, Facebook, etc.) the plan and materials to register/recruit institutions and guests for this event must be reviewed for compliance with these parameters by the Office of Student Involvement and/or the Office of Residential Life.

Failure to follow this policy can result in the student organization being prohibited from hosting an event on campus that provides overnight housing, an Honor Code violation, or disciplinary action.

Download a printer-friendly PDF version of the policy here:  Organization Guest Hosting Policy.pdf

If you have questions, please contact the Office of Student Involvement and/or the Office of Residential Life.