Summer Housing

A limited number of residence hall rooms are available on campus for rent during the summer.  Non-Mount Holyoke students, new students, graduating seniors, students recently withdrawn from the College, students returning from leave (including study abroad), or planning on taking a leave (including study abroad) for the Fall semester are not eligible for summer housing.

The first step in applying for summer housing must be initiated by an MHC Faculty member or employer.  Summer Housing Applications are available in April.  Housing assignment notifications are sent at the beginning of May.  The summer housing application deadline is April 18th.  

In order to apply for housing, students must clear all of their financial obligations with the College through the Student Financial Services Office and clear any other holds in place by Health Center, Counseling Services, Dean of Studies or Residential Life.

Summer Housing is available from May 23, 2016 through August 20, 2016.  Outside of the defined summer session, housing will only be available on a limited exception basis.

All students who remain on campus must purchase a room and board plan and must commit to stay on campus for at least 4 consecutive weeks (between May 23rd through August 20th).   The three timeframes available for summer housing are 13 weeks (whole session), 8 weeks and 4 weeks.  The 13, 8 and 4 week sessions were chosen because most students who are doing research or an internship do so for those time periods.  This also helps to stabilize numbers in the meal plan and reduce the time spent tracking students' comings and goings over the summer.  The weeks must be consecutive and within the May 23, 2016 - August 20, 2016 time period.  Students will be billed for the full time period that they sign up for, whether they stay the whole period or not.  The weeks run from Sunday to Saturday and therefore students should make arrangements for a Sunday check-in.  Rates are not prorated for partial stays, unused meals or a check-in that does not occur on a Sunday.

All summer session residents are required to take the meal plan which will consist of 3 meals per day, 5 days per week (no weekends.)  A Golden Pear kitchen in the summer housing residence hall will be open on the weekends.   

The cost for housing and meals for the summer of 2016 are:

  • 13 week:  single room $2,790, double room $2,460
  • 8 week:  single room $1,720, double room $1,520
  • 4 week:  single room $860, double room $760

Single rooms are not guaranteed.  Priority for single rooms goes to students who will be staying for the full 13 week term.