Summer Housing

A limited number of residence hall rooms are available on campus for rent during the summer.  Non-Mount Holyoke students, new students, graduating seniors, students recently withdrawn from the College, students currently on leave (including study abroad), or planning on taking a leave (including study abroad) for the Fall semester are not eligible for summer housing.

The first step in applying for summer housing must be initiated by an MHC Faculty member or employer.  Summer Housing Applications are available in April.  Housing assignment notifications are sent on a rolling basis beginning in May.  Application deadline is April 25th.  

In order to apply for housing, students must clear all of their financial obligations with the College through the Student Financial Services Office and clear any other holds in place by Health Center, Counseling Services, Dean of Studies or Residential Life.

Housing is available from May 27th through August 8th.  Special consideration is given, but not promised, to students who need housing between the end of spring semester and May 27th.  The same consideration is given to those students who require housing after August 8th.  Students should plan accordingly for these gap periods as housing is not guaranteed during this time.

New for 2014, all students who remain on campus must purchase a room and board plan and must commit to stay on campus a minimum session of 8 consecutive weeks (May 27th through August 8th).   Due to the lack of transportation available and a local grocery store within walking distance, students have requested that we implement a dining plan over the summer.  In order to provide this in a cost effective way, all students who stay on campus over the summer must enter the program.  The 8 week session was chosen because most students who are doing research or an internship are for an 8 week period.  This also helps to stabilize numbers in the meal plan and reduce the time spent tracking students' comings and goings over the summer. 

Priority is given to MHC students working or doing research with a MHC faculty member on campus.  Students who are working off campus, taking classes or doing research off campus may request housing, but are not guaranteed housing.  PAGE and Fulbridge students are eligible for housing but must apply for summer housing through the program.    

The fee for the 8 week session is $1,560 (per person) for a double and $1,736 for a single.  Weeks can be added on at $195 per week for a double and $217 for a single if approved.  Summer room and board will be billed to the student's account and is charged by room type.  Weeks are calculated from Sunday through Saturday, rates are not prorated.  Please contact the Office of Residential Life if you need assistance estimating the cost to stay.

Please note:  There are limited services on campus during the summer.  The College does not provide transportation during the summer.  Public transportation in the area is limited and the 5-College Bus service does not run during the summer.  The Health Center and Counseling Services are closed for the summer.  Students with health or mental emergencies will be sent to area hospitals via ambulance.

Students are responsible for transporting their belongings to and from their summer residence hall assignment.  In an effort to support the College in the annual maintenance of the residence halls, residents will be required to move during the summer.