Trunk Rooms & Storage in the Area

The College provides storage to active students during the academic year.  There is a trunk room in the basement of each residence hall to provide storage to students during the academic year. The trunk room is intended for academic-year storage only. The Mount Holyoke College Academic year begins with the opening of school, in September, and ends with the closing of the residence halls for the underclass students in May. The trunk room is designed to provide space for boxes, suitcases, and those few extra items students bring from home but realize they do not need. Trunk rooms are only large enough for students to store a few belongings. Items stored in trunk rooms must be clearly marked with name, class year and date of storage.

At the end of each academic semester, Facilities Management staff go through the trunk rooms and remove abandoned items and unsafe items. Room furniture, upholstered/overstuffed furniture, bikes and items stored in open containers pose fire risks to the community and are prohibited from the trunk rooms. If these items are found in a trunk room, they will be removed and disposed of immediately.

Students store belongings there at their own risk. The college is not responsible for protecting or securing items stored in basements. The College is not responsible for anything stored in the basements.  Items may be inadvertently removed and discarded, misplaced, stolen, or subject to other accidental damage or loss. We strongly encourage students to make off campus arrangements for storage that need be secured.

To obtain the trunk room key, please contact your Senior Community Advisor or designated hall student staff member. Campus Police, Facilities Management, and the Office of Residential Life will not unlock trunk rooms. The trunk room is a locked but unsecured area. Access is available to any student or staff member affiliated with the College. The trunk rooms are located in the residence hall basements and subject to moisture and climate changes.

At the closing of Spring Semester or upon any extended separation for the College (Medical leave, withdrawal, graduation) students MUST take belongings home or locate an off campus summer storage facility.

Storage Guidelines

What types of items CAN be stored?

  • Luggage and trunks
  • Plastic storage bins with lids
  • Refrigerators and microwaves
  • Rugs (must be rolled, tied, and labeled)

Items stored in trunk rooms must be clearly marked with name, class year and date of storage. 

All items must be in a closed or sealed container.  Open crates, bags of any kind, and open boxes are NOT allowed.  Anything improperly stored will be discarded.

What types of items CANNOT be stored? Below are examples of items that cannot be stored.

  • Furniture of any kind such as futon frames, upholstered chairs, etc.
  • Items stored in large travel bags or garbage bags 
  • Crates or boxes with no lids 
  • Bikes
  • Floor Lamps
  • Flammable or hazardous materials

Summer Storage

There is absolutely no storage available during the summer months.  Students must take their belongings home during the summer months or locate an off-campus storage summer facility. Graduating seniors must remove all belongings from the trunk rooms immediately following graduation. After graduation, any items remaining in the trunk room belonging to graduated seniors will be removed and disposed. The Office of Residential Life maintains a listing of local storage providers

Any items found in trunk rooms during the summer months will be discarded.