Campus Updates

Visit the Campus Updates page for information on Mount Holyoke’s response to the global pandemic. The Opening the Gates website contains the plan for the spring semester.


Project Stream Restoration

A campus restoration project designed to improve the health and beauty of Mount Holyoke College’s aquatic ecosystems

Tidmarsh Project

Biogeochemical cycling and greenhouse gas emissions from natural, restored, retired, and actively farmed cranberry bogs

Springfield Urban Waters Restoration Partnership

Restoration-based education and urban stream restoration in neighboring urban areas

Aging Wetlands

Effect of aging on soil characteristics and microbial-based functions in restored wetlands

Restoration Methodology, Vegetative Composition, and Ecosystem Function

Long-term development and ecosystem functions of wetlands restored with different soil amendments


The influence of biochar on wetland development and functions

Soil Microbial Communities

Metagenomics of soil microbial communities in restored wetlands

Off-Campus Student Internships

Students deepen their experience in restoration through off-campus opportunities

Mount Holyoke College Campus Community

Collaborating across campus environmental initiatives