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Current Lab Members


Kate Ballantine

Marjorie Fisher Associate Professor of Environmental Studies

Kate Ballantine’s research uses restored ecosystems as an opportunity to learn about ecosystem processes and development. Ballantine and her students conduct basic and applied research to investigate how these restored wetlands develop and function, and what restoration methodologies may stimulate desirable (or undesirable!) ecosystem functions.

Kate Ballantine


Jovanna Robinson-Hidas

Student Research Assistant

Jovanna Robinson-Hidas is a 2016 Mount Holyoke College alumnae of the environmental studies department. During summer 2014 she created, designed, and led the Restoration Ecology Summer Scholars Program (RESSP) for high school girls in the area. Since graduating, Jovanna completed a two year teaching fellowship in Boston Public Schools and recently started a new job at an environmental education non-profit bringing environmental sciences to elementary, middle and high-schoolers in the Boston/Cambridge area. Jovanna continues to work with the RESSP program whenever she can.

Photo of Jovanna Robinson-Hidas ’16

Nia Bartolucci

Student Research Assistant

During her time with the Restoration Ecology Program, Nia has collected baseline data on soil, vegetation, and water quality. She staffed the booth at the farmer’s market to inform community members of the ongoing restoration project along Project Stream and led site tours; Nia also taught during REP's summer program for high school girls.

Photo of Nia Bartolucci ’17

Theo Claire-McKown

Restoration Ecology Program Intern

As an Environmental Studies major and life-long lover of the natural world, Theo is delighted to be spending the summer with the Elwha River Restoration Project in Port Angeles, WA. Theo has a particular interest in rivers and riparian restoration ecology, and previously worked as a botanist with the Arcade Creek Project and an invasive plant management intern along the American River Parkway.

Photo of Theo Claire-McKown

Brian Mayton

Ph.D. Candidate

Brian Mayton's research topics include sensors, sensor networks, and the ways people interact with sensor data. He is currently developing and deploying a network of low-power sensor nodes at Tidmarsh, and investigating ways that this sensor network can be used to provide visitors (both physical and virtual) with rich sensory experiences driven by real-time and archived data from the site. Mayton is a Ph.D. student in the Responsive Environments group at the MIT Media Lab; Kate Ballantine sits on his doctoral committee.

Photo of Brian Mayton

Ellie Viggiani

Restoration Ecology Program Intern

Ellie Viggiani ’20 is an Environmental Studies Major with a strong interest in restoration, especially working with amphibian species. This summer, she will be interning with the Elwha River Restoration through the National Park Service in Port Angeles, WA.

Photo of Ellie Viggiani

Olivia Wilson

Restoration Ecology Program Intern

Olivia Wilson is a rising senior at South Hadley High School. She has been working with the Restoration Ecology Summer Scholars Program for three years. Olivia was a student her first year in 2016, and has been a TA for the past two years. Before joining this program she worked in the Mount Holyoke College greenhouse restoring the indoor pond, and determining how to control its algal bloom. Olivia hopes to further her work in the environment in college and beyond and to inspire more women of color to pursue STEM.

Olivia Wilson