Campus Updates

Visit the campus updates page for information on Mount Holyoke's response to the global pandemic. The Opening the Gates site contains details about the spring semester.

Restoration Practice

This photograph depicts the boardwalk that winds through Project Stream.

Project Stream

Learn about the real-life restoration project that was planned and implemented by students in the Restoration Ecology Program.
Photo of two Restoration Ecology interns

Student Internships

Learn about internships available to students in the Restoration Ecology Program.

Water Chestnut Removal

Photo of students removing water chestnut from the lake

Keeping invasives out of the Connecticut River watershed

The Restoration Ecology Program has teamed up with colleagues from Fish and Wildlife to help control invasive water chestnut in the Connecticut River watershed. Currently, this invasive species is present in at least 15 sites in the Connecticut River watershed, but annual maintenance and monitoring help to keep it under control and prevent it from spreading. REP is responsible for the Mount Holyoke College lakes site; each summer, we paddle onto Upper and Lower Lakes to hand-pull the water chestnut.

Restoration Master Plan

Photo of a group of restoration ecology students walking on campus

A plan to improve the health and beauty of the Mount Holyoke campus

One objective of the Restoration Ecology Prorgram is to engage students in the creation of a campus Restoration Master Plan to improve the health and beauty of our natural systems. Creation of the master plan is an iterative process taking place over the course of years, and is a novel way of approaching restoration that is adaptive, research-driven, and systems-based. The Mount Holyoke College Campus Restoration Master Plan may serve as a focal point around which people from across disciplines at the College and surrounding community can come together to share their expertise and benefit from the education, beauty, and community it fosters. The concept of a Restoration Master Plan is unique, and we are excited to spearhead this approach in hopes it will be considered by other organizations and institutions.