Campus Updates

Visit the Campus Updates page for information on Mount Holyoke’s response to the global pandemic. The Opening the Gates website contains the plan for the spring semester.

Student Internships

The Restoration Ecology Program supports student internships both on and off campus. Through these internships, our students have had the chance to contribute to restoration efforts around the country. So far, students have done research in western Washington, central New York, and eastern Massachusetts. We are also pursuing international internships via connections in Finland, Costa Rica, and elsewhere. Our students have won prizes for their presentations at conferences, and a number of students have reported that their new supervisors told them that their experiences in our program convinced them to offer them a position. Several of the organizations we connect students with have created positions specifically for students out of this program.

Photo of the Elwha River

Elwha River Restoration Internship

Interns participate in on-going restoration and ecosystem monitoring efforts on the Elwha River, and in Olympic National Park, located in Port Angeles, WA.
Photo of two Restoration Ecology interns

Restoration Ecology Program Internships

Summer interns help monitor baseline and post-restoration data, process and analyze samples and help with education and outreach efforts.
Sustainable Springfield Initiative logo

Springfield Urban Waters Project Internship

Interns will will learn about multiple aspects of ecological restoration, from design to implementation and gain hands-on skills. Learn more.