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Why study restoration at Mount Holyoke College?

The Restoration Ecology Program at Mount Holyoke College is the only program of its kind where students from diverse backgrounds and disciplines can use their liberal arts training to work with each other in groups on real restoration projects, developing tangible skills and individual expertise they can then apply to whatever they do next.

The program instills critical thinking, problem solving, group work, and the ability to carry out projects from beginning to end as lifelong habits.

We know of no other campus that makes use of its natural setting as a campus field station as Mount Holyoke does. We are uniquely positioned to take advantage of our rural location and our on-campus forest, lakes, and streams. Rather than driving long-distances to our field station, we walk outside our classes and are surrounded by it.


Carey Lang ’14

Photo of Carey Lang ’14

“I was looking for a way to combine interest in science with desire to help work on current local and global problems. In Kate Ballantine's Restoration Ecology class we read papers on the foundational theories behind ecological restoration, but then we used those theories to wrap our heads around a very real problem affecting our campus.”

Erin Pierce ’15

Photo of Erin Pierce ’15

“It’s very unique to have a field site that is literally a five minute walk from our classroom. It gives what we do an immediacy that you can’t really get from most college field stations that are located off campus.”