Animals on Campus / In Buildings

Guidelines and Policies

In general, animals are not banned from College buildings or grounds. However, there are several guidelines that must be followed by the owners of these animals.

  • Pets such as dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, or any other animals are not permitted in dormitories or other student housing.
  • Animals shall not be disruptive (e.g., excessive barking inside a building).
  • Animals shall be restrained (actively, e.g., on a leash, not passively; e.g., by voice command).
  • Dangerous animals may not be brought onto campus (e.g., vicious dogs, poisonous snakes).
  • Animals shall not be left unattended in public areas of buildings, outside or in private offices for extended periods of time.
  • The owner or handler shall properly dispose of all his/her animal’s waste in trash containers.
  • The owner is responsible for all damages and injuries caused by the animal, and will be required to indemnify the College for any losses or damages that the College may sustain as a result of the animal being on campus.
  • If the owner is requested by another person to not bring the animal to a place, event or otherwise have the animal in that person’s presence, that request must be respected, promptly and without retaliation in any way toward the requestor.
  • The College reserves the right to ban any animal from any building with or without demonstrating due cause. There is no inherent "right" to have animals on College premises. Specific animals may be banned or “trespassed from campus” by Campus Police.

Animals that are disruptive, unrestrained or dangerous will be trespassed. The College may refer pet owners who refuse to comply with this policy to appropriate administrative offices for suitable action.

This policy in no way restricts the use of lab or service animals.

See also: Campus Police — Dog Policy