Filming on Location at MHC

Motion Picture and Still Photography

  1. Mount Holyoke College will endeavor to accommodate those who wish to photograph on the Mount Holyoke College campus provided that such photography does not interfere with the educational, scholarly or administrative function of the institution.
  2. Permission to photograph and the arrangements pertinent thereto must be made through the College’s Office of Communications, often in conjunction with the Director of Events Management and Conference Services. A contract including insurance and indemnity agreements will be required (Film Location Agreement). Note: This policy does not apply to wedding photographs which are addressed in Wedding Services.
  3. For still or motion picture photography destined for promotional or commercial use, fees will be charged for the use of the location and all incurred expenses, including janitorial services, electricians, security, food, etc.
  4. Decisions as to which photographs in which locations may be taken on the Mount Holyoke College campus will be made on an individual basis by the Vice President for Communications and Marketing, the Director of Events Management and Conference Services or their designee. Similarly, these individuals will determine what facilities or locations may be used for other purposes.
  5. Mount Holyoke College does NOT allow itself to be identified in print or any other media, including without limitation text, credits or scripts as the location of any still, motion picture, videotape photography or any other media that may now or hereinafter exist except with the express written permission in advance by the Vice President for Communications and Marketing; the use of Mount Holyoke College’s national historic landmarks in commercial or promotional photography is not permitted except with express written permission from the Vice President for Communications and Marketing.
  6. Photography of any sort for educational purposes, or for bona fide public information purposes may be undertaken with permission and the location fee may be waived at the discretion of the Vice President for Communications and Marketing or the Director of Events Management and Conference Services, however incurred expenses will be charged to the organization unless such charges are expressly waived.
  7. Mount Holyoke College reserves the right to deny the use of its campus locations or facilities for photography by any individual or organization for any reason or no reason.
  8. In advance of any filming, taping, or still photography, each organization seeking permission may be required to set forth in complete detail, in writing and in advance, the location/s desired and the date/s of the proposed filming; the purpose of the filming including providing a script if a motion picture or videotape is being made; all known specific requirements for personnel, equipment, or other assistance from Mount Holyoke College. The organization shall describe the personnel that will be accessing the campus, including a full head count and the number and type of vehicles that will be used. Organizations should plan to provide the College adequate lead time in which to evaluate their request.

Documentary Films

  1. All persons included in the documentary (Participants) must sign releases in favor of User and the College. The College must approve the release form before it is used.
  2. User is responsible for obtaining all releases. Any claims that may arise from the User’s failure to obtain any release are contemplated in the Contract indemnity clause, and will be the complete responsibility of the User.
  3. User shall not interfere with any educational, scholarly or administrative function of the institution, and may not do anything to “create” circumstances or environments to drive any actions of any Participants (i.e., make a “Reality Show”). It is understood that the film being produced is a documentary, and that it will document actual activities of the college community.