Personal Property Insurance

July 13, 2012

Dear Mount Holyoke College Students and Parents:

Our College handbook clearly states that Mount Holyoke College is not responsible for personal property owned by students, faculty or staff. To assist you in managing the risk of loss of your personal property, we are enclosing information about student property insurance for your consideration.

We strongly urge you to consider this type of coverage for you/your student’s personal property. Our Risk Manager has examined various policies and recommended this company to the Residential Life staff. Every year, students lose property due to a number of reasons, including theft, water damage (most common) and fire.

  • A fire (including water and smoke) at a neighboring college damaged 66 student rooms. Fortunately no one was injured, but eight students lost all of their possessions, and 30 students lost most of their things. Thirteen students were uninsured, and most insured students had deductibles of $500 on their parents policies.
  • On this campus, a student room was gutted by a fire from a candle left burning unattended.
  • An attic sprinkler pipe froze and burst over January break, pouring water into over thirty student rooms (and closets). Students who had returned were able to salvage most of their belongings, but those returning later in the month found many things ruined.

Even if you have coverage under your/your parent's homeowners' or tenants' policies, you may want the broader coverage with lower deductibles that are available with this product.

In order to effect coverage, you must apply to CSI Insurance Company, using the enclosed brochure. Do NOT send your application to the College. If you have questions about the coverage call CSI Agency at 888-411-4911 or e-mail them at

We hope you find this information helpful.


Rene Davis
Dean of Students

Elizabeth J. Carmichael
Director of Compliance and Risk Management

CSI Insurance Agency, Inc.

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