Workplace Harassment Prevention Online Course

All Mount Holyoke employees are expected to know and understand the College’s policies on unlawful harassment and discrimination and to abide by them.  Employees of the College are mandated by federal law to report instances of harassment and discrimination that they witness or that is reported to them. 

To support employees with their obligations, the College has provided the following training to help employees learn how to recognize and prevent unlawful harassment. 

Below are the steps to access and complete United Educator’s Workplace Harassment Prevention Online Course, which is designed to provide an overview of the problems of discrimination and harassment and how to prevent it.

  1. Go to the EduRiskLearning Portal
  2. Follow these instructions to create a new account and to choose the appropriate training module. Remember to keep a record of this, since you may need this login for other courses around campus.
  3. Use the following registration code to access the training: 0621-2267-XY12
  4. Once you are logged onto the United Educators website, please find the section titled Workplace Harassment Prevention and click "Launch learning program."
  5. Once the program has launched, select Workplace Harassment Fundamentals (Formerly 110)

This course is based on thousands of harassment claims against colleges the United Educators (UE) has handled. UE is a licensed insurance company owned and governed by more than 1,100 member educational institutions; Mount Holyoke was a founding member. Workplace Harassment Prevention was developed by a UE employment lawyer who has studied and written extensively on court expectations regarding harassment prevention training. In addition, the course was extensively tested by attorneys, human resources professionals and others at colleges and universities throughout the country.