Exam Policy

SAW Center Exam Policy

SAW mentors are committed to your success in speaking and writing. We hope that you will use your time in the SAW Center to discuss your ideas and develop your communicative abilities with your peer mentor. Because a successful mentoring session is always collaborative, and the SAW Center is committed to building a community of ethical, engaged, and reflective writers, we want to ensure that both you and your mentor engage with ethical practices throughout your session.

Mount Holyoke College takes issues related to academic integrity very seriously (to learn more about this policy, please read the Mount Holyoke College Student Handbook). Because your instructor may expect you to work independently on specific assignments, especially in the case of take-home midterms of final exams, it is always best to consult your faculty instructor before bringing exams or tests into the SAW Center.

By scheduling an appointment on our online scheduler or by seeking a drop-in appointment, it is understood that you agree that the work you will bring into the Center falls within one of the following categories:

  1. Your work is not considered an exam or test.
  2. Your work is an exam or test, but your instructor has given you permission to receive outside help on it.

If you are uncertain whether your work is an exam or test, please consult your professor before seeking help in the SAW Center.