Application Process and Instructions

Thank you for your interest in becoming a SAW Peer Mentor. Applications are now available. Here you will find more about the application process and requirements. Please contact the SAW Program Office with questions.

Becoming a Mentor: Application Process


Prospective mentors are required to complete and submit the SAW Peer Mentor Application in its entirety before being considered as a SAW Peer Mentor. Components of the application include background questions (class year, major, language proficiencies, etc.), short-answer questions, supporting documents (writing sample and resume), and the identification of the two faculty members who will submit a reference on the candidates’ behalf. Many students find it helpful to preview the application questions prior to beginning the online application. Please note the online application cannot be saved and returned to a later time once started. Applicants are therefore strongly encouraged to carefully review the SAW Peer Mentor Application so they can prepare their answers.

Faculty References

In addition to the application, students required to seek two faculty members who are willing to support their candidacy. Prospective mentors should select faculty who can speak to your writing/public speaking abilities, as well as their ability to work well with other students. All applicants are encouraged to preview the full reference form so they can select instructors who can best answer questions identified on the form.

Applicants who were nominated to apply to the SAW Program by a faculty instructor can select the nominating faculty member as one of their references. However, they must still complete the online Faculty Reference Form, which is more detailed than the brief nomination they may have submitted. First-year and transfer students may solicit one recommendation from an instructor from their previous institution (including high school) in addition to one Mount Holyoke faculty member.

Reference forms must be received by December 20, 2019. Please provide each instructor with the link to the Faculty Reference Form.


From the applicant pool, a number of strong candidates will be invited to participate in an interview. Interviews will take place in late January, at the start of the spring semester. Applicants will be notified via email in January if they have been selected for an interview.

Becoming a Mentor: Spring 2020 Training Course

Students hired into the SAW Program will be enrolled in CUSP-212-01: Peer Mentoring, a training course that will take place in the second half of the spring semester on Monday evenings, 7:15-10:05 pm. The completion of this course is a requirement. In this course, students will receive training and education on theories and practices of peer mentoring and collaborative learning to prepare them for working as a SAW Peer Mentor. Students will draw upon existing research, class discussion, and their own writing and speaking to craft their philosophies of peer mentoring and to develop effective practical strategies. This course also includes a practicum to provide the opportunity to observe and lead several sessions in and outside of the SAW Center. These sessions provide hands-on experience and are required to fulfill the practicum component of the peer mentor training course.