Application Instructions

Thank you for your interest in becoming a SAW Peer Mentor!

Applications are now available. To learn more about the application process and requirements, please read below.

Application Process
You will be required to complete and submit the SAW Peer Mentor Application in its entirety before being considered as a SAW Peer Mentor. Many prospective SAW mentors find it helpful to preview the application questions prior to beginning the online application. You can view the SAW Peer Mentor Application questions to prepare your answers.

Faculty References
In addition to the application, you are required to seek two faculty members who are willing to support your candidacy and who can speak to your ability to work well with other students. If you were nominated to apply, the nominating faculty member can be one of the references. First-year students and transfer students may solicit one recommendation from instructors from previous institutions (including high school) in addition to one Mount Holyoke faculty member.

You may provide your faculty recommenders with the web address to the Faculty Reference Form to allow for an online submission, or you may provide him/her with a hard copy of the Faculty Reference Form.

Spring 2018 Training Course
Students hired into the SAW Program will be enrolled in a half-semester CUSP-212-01 course in spring 2018. This two-credit CUSP course will be held during the second half of the semester on Monday evenings, 7–9:50pm. The completion of this course is a requirement. In this course, you will receive training and education on theories and practices of peer mentoring and collaborative learning to prepare you for working as a SAW Peer Mentor.

How to Submit Application
OPTION 1: Submit a hard copy of the SAW Mentor Application to Kimberly Jeffers, SAW Program Coordinator, in Dwight 214A.

OPTION 2: Submit your application online.