Meet the SAW mentors

Photo of Ye Won Hong ’20
I believe the mission SAW is to supplement class materials in terms of writing and speaking and to encourage those who lack confidence in language skills.
Photo of Flori Needle ’20
I decided to become a SAW mentor because I wanted to become more involved with the MHC Community, and the SAW center provides the perfect opportunity.
Photo of Sarah Bloomgarden ’20
My favorite part about being a SAW mentor is helping my peers fall in love with their own writing.
Photo of Lila Oren-Dahan ’20
As a mentor, I cherish this opportunity to learn from my peers as I help them present and convey their knowledge.
Photo of Anne Clinton ’19
I love being a mentor because after each session I learn something new, since I am able to meet and learn from students with amazingly varied backgrounds.
Photo of Savannah Harriman-Pote ’20
I was inspired to join the SAW program through my interactions with other SAW mentors.
Photo of Prokriti Shyamolima ’19
I was inspired to become a peer mentor by the many positive and helpful experiences I had as a mentee at the SAW Center
Photo of Anisha Pai ’19
I'm fascinated by the use of language to create nuance and that is one of the primary reasons I'm so glad to be a SAW mentor.
Photo of Helena Littman ’20
I love working in the SAW center because it really is more of a collaboration and exchange of ideas, rather than a traditional classroom setting.
Photo of Mollie Wohlforth ’19
I'm excited to get to work with and learn from more of my peers as a SAW mentor.
Photo of Amelia Green ’20
I've loved finding this outlet to work with the students in the Mount Holyoke community to develop their ideas and stances on different perspectives.
Photo of Haenah Lee ’20
I became a SAW mentor because I love the collaborative interaction that SAW provides.
Photo of Zeyuan Zhang ’20
The idea that I get to know many students and their wonderful thoughts makes me especially excited to be a SAW mentor.
Photo of Madeleine Olson ’20
I believe that strengthening skills of persuasive articulation in both written and spoken presentation is relevant to any discipline.
Photo of Ariane Gottlieb ’20
Upon touring Mount Holyoke, I immediately fell in love with the SAW Center and decided to apply to be a mentor.
Photo of Tehreem Mela ’20
I find it so helpful to have a peer network that helps with academic writing and also supports students in their college journeys.
Photo of Emma Rubin ’20
I became a SAW Mentor because the center has been a huge resource for me and I want to help others in the way that many other mentors have helped me.
Photo of Mae Hailu ’20
I became a SAW Mentor because I wanted the opportunity to work with and help my peers, just like my First Year Seminar mentor did with me.
Photo of Isabella Japal ’20
My favorite part of being a SAW mentor is having the opportunity to connect with other students on an academic level and beyond.
Photo of Sarah Lofstrom ’19
I became a peer mentor because I believe in the power of community engagement and conversation.
Photo of Sarah Cavar ’20
Peer mentoring is essential to the writing and revision process, and I'm so glad I am able to contribute to a program that so helps me as a writer, too.