Faculty: Nominate a Student

The SAW program welcomes faculty nominations of strong prospective SAW Peer Mentors. Nominations may be submitted online at any time during the year. The SAW program will contact nominated students with invitations to apply during the respective upcoming hiring cycle.

The SAW hiring process is competitive. SAW is able to hire approximately 10 new student staff members each semester. Nominated students are not guaranteed acceptance; however, the nominations weigh heavily in their favor. Considering the pool of the most eligible finalists, SAW’s hiring decisions must also take into account the college’s needs for a diverse staff, including its representation of majors and languages.

Strong SAW Peer Mentor candidates demonstrate exceptional interpersonal skills; self-confidence; humility; versatility; strong speaking, arguing, and writing abilities; and a commitment to their own learning.

The nomination process is separate from the placement process of SAW Peer Mentors with specific faculty members’ courses. Role assignments for peer mentoring staff are decided each semester based upon faculty requests, mentor preferences, and the overall needs of the college and program.